Instant transfers to M-PESA in Kenya

Posted on 8th Mar 2019 05:40:57 in How to

From Mandera to Mombasa, WorldRemit has Kenya covered. Send money instantly to mobile money accounts in Kenya Transfer to all major banks in Kenya, i

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Posted on 6th Mar 2019 05:29:13 in Teachers Service Commission Latest News

The Commission has switched from money orders to Banking System as a mode of Teachers Registration Fees collection. The new bank account to handle teacher

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New analysis- Teachers work more unpaid overtime than anyone else - more than 5 million extra hours

Posted on 6th Mar 2019 05:24:51 in EDUCATION NEWS in kenya

Primary teachers work the most, at 13 hours, just more than the 12.8 hours put in by secondary teachers and over twice the 6.4 hours in pre-school. That&r

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How to download and regsiter for TSC PAYSLIP ONLINE through TSC PORTAL

Posted on 6th Mar 2019 05:06:44 in Teachers Service Commission Latest News

TSC payslip download:Welcome to Steps on how to download and view your payslip online   TSC payslip download: Teachers Se

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TSC news- TSC policy on house allowance for teachers unfair and obsolete

Posted on 6th Mar 2019 04:58:26 in Teachers Service Commission Latest News

The decades-old policy on house allowances for teachers pegs the payment on a teacher’s area of service.   The employer, Teachers Service Comm

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TSC set to promote 20,000 teachers to managerial grades- teachers promotion

Posted on 23rd Feb 2019 10:20:08 in Teachers Service Commission Latest News

Up to 20,000 teachers are set for promotions in the coming days, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has announced. The teachers to benefit are those in

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list of ngos in kenya 2019

Posted on 17th Feb 2019 10:14:20 in Business

Kenya has a total of more than 2000 NGOs . NGOs are driven by people with a common interest. Most NGOs are organized around issues, such as human rights, e

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