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If there is anyone who should post their bae first, it should be the man, not the lady. Even this idea of putting him as your DP, wait my sister, you are trodding too fast.

I know someone may be asking: but why ? If I am in love, why should I not post? I hear you, However, listen to this view, and you have the right to disagree. When a lady gets into a relationship, it is usually with the hope that this is "the one" and it will last long, if not forever. And let me make it clear; I mean a normal well taught lady with manners and a working mind. I don't mean these smooth skin divas and slay queens who get into relationships for Strawberry Lips and some monthly sponsorship as if they are an African Impoverished "shithole" that can't spend its money on its own development but expects some donor aid to do it. It's own money is spent on unneccesary allowances and expenditures. Sorry, I digressed....

A good and normal woman can meet a man today and tomorrow she is imagining her wedding. That's why, if the man "acts good", which we can easily do just to get an orgasm even when we don't mean it, the lady will quickly think, "yes, I have found a man, let me show my primary school friends who thought I will die single". And boom, two weeks relationship, she posts on social media. Wrong, wrong...... Why?

No man is out there looking for a wife. Non, not even one. There is no one single man who goes out into the bevy hunting field to search for a wife, like he is searching for a car or phone. no. A man is just looking for a woman. Thats all. A beautiful woman, with nice well sized matako, pretty face, semi circle hips and a nice nose, then boom, he has found. Not a wife, but a woman. And his first thought, "how hot can this one be in bed?". While the lady is thinking, "how can we make a hot future with this one?" The only future the guy is thinking of is that one behind those clothes after she takes them off, or the bright future behind her. Now, imagine posting such a one on social media immediately, thats a risk. A man can have, and please feminists before you hit me with your sometimes illogical arguments, I said "can have" not "should have"... 
A man can have five ladies, all with the physical features he is looking for.. And then the process starts. He does not consciously decide who of the five he wants, she just qualifies, without her having to do anything at all. A man easily notices such things as attitude, behaviour, respect, dependability, support, etc.. They have nothing to do with beauty, and when he has finally choosen one from the five, I can guarantee you, the other four will know immediately who is the queen of the house. And then, boom, you will see the man posting his bae...
And when he posts, then you know something is serious and if you are lucky to be the one who is posted, now you can easily post too. Do not force him "why don't you put me on your DP, you have never posted me on Facebook, you don't show me in public, bla, bla, bla" my , it means you are not the one. And he won't...

When a man has really chosen you and its you he wants, you don't have to struggle with making the relationship work. He will make it work it himself. Thats why the best relationship is one where the man loves the lady more. Therefore, the best time to flaunt him is when he flaunts you. Fulu stop.

I have seen some really good ladies flaunt bae on social media and before we know it, he disappears, you would think some "anti-man" bug attacked their account and deleted all men pictures. Wait . Just enjoy the chap in private until he reveals your himself. Posting him too fast is like unveiling yourself at a wedding or kitchen party... You don't do that. He is the man, let him unveil you. We are tired of asking ourselves "what happened to the bae we saw too much on Social Media?" Because my poor sister thought she had found a man. While the man had only found another piece of cherry to sponsor his orgasm.


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