Chronicles of Mama Mboga episode 3

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No Sleeping Together unti I Iam ready for marriage

“No we cant sleep together, I don’t want to live that life again” I had vowed to myself a year earlier that I will never bed a girl in my house untiI Iam ready for marriage. I was neither ready to break the vow nor to wife Mama Mboga’s eldest daughter. Tina gazed at me with confussion. The sudden change of mind did not make sense to her. “Nini mbaya nawewe? Mbona umenieka hapa all this time, kwani ulikua unanipima?”
Her anger and disappointment were rising. I feared that she might cause drama. I was not ready for more drama for I had experienced enough of it during my stay in Mumias. So I had to strategize very fast on how to cool her down lest I be on the loosing end. I moved close to where she was now standing, gently wrapped her in my arms with a feigned smile, looked her straight into her eyes and moved my head closer that our lips were an inch from each other. She was now breathing heavily and I could feel her body temperature rise. Her lips were now dry and trembling. Yearning for that sweet kiss and immediate flight to cloud nine.
“Beb, I crushed on you at first sight because you are beautiful and very pretty. I love your conspicuous sexy eyes, your light angelic complexion is outstanding. Your slim but curvy body is just amazing…especially in this sexy mini dress. You know not how you turn me on always with your sweet soft voice whenever I come to buy veges at the kiosk and you ask ‘nikufungie na nyanya?’ You are not just an avarage girl to be ‘chips fungwad’, to me you are a queen. I want to have you in the right way coz I respect you my queen. I want to establish a mature relationship with you because in your sexy eyes I see the beautiful mother of my kids.”
She was now looking at me blushingly as I conjured metaphor after metaphor. She was undoubtedly enjoying the cool vibe. ” All these good reasons about you are what makes me think tonight is not the right time to lay you. The respect I hold for you is tantamount…You are a lady of class and thats why I want us to keep off sex tonight. Besides, I dont wish to impregnant you swiry for I have no protective safety belts in here beb and the pharmacy is closed by now”.
I now loosened my arms around her slowly and now just held her hands. The issue of pregnancy seemed to have touched her most-judging from her dynamic facials.
“Aki Tonny wee ni gentleman. You are so caring. I heart you bae. Am touched by your kindness and reasoning. You are my dream guy. Wewe si kama hawa wanaume wako after sex. I have realized tonight I love you Tonny”. Now, when I told you ladies fall in love with what they hear did you doubt me? Most of what I had told her were obvious lies but she took in as gospel truth. A man does not need tell a lady the truth always. We need to only tell them things they love to hear about themselves. Mine was not a task to win her…or maybe it was. My main target was to convince her to leave my house that night peacefully and happily. Indeed it was mission accomplished.

The escort

I now put on my jacket ready to escort her back to Mama Mboga’s house. It was just a five minutes walk from our plot.
“Tonny na utapika what time? Its just some minutes to midnight.Ama nkupikie ndio niende?”
“Don’t worry ntacook tu, nmezoea kula na kudoze late hours”
I dropped her at their gate for she had already rang her younger sister to open up the door. I turned to head back to my state of the art bachelor bungalow. The one that had probably made Tina fall for me. Afterall how many bachelors stay in one bedroom self confused houses like mine? Most that I know of stay in a ‘bed sita’ or single roomed shanties. Forget senior bachelors like Maina Kageni. That night marked the first time in my lifetime to turn away a golden chance of bedding a beautiful girl. Indeed my experiences in Mumias had taught me a lesson and changed me much. Did somebody say experience is the best teacher? I know team mafisi members would rebuke and curse me…but they dont know much about me. They would later learn the reason behind my rather weird action.
I prepared my ugali sukuma and fried some eggs to accompany and after the sumptuous meal I switched off the lights and off to bed. By the way bachelors rarely lack a crate of eggs in their bungalows. Its always a saviour especially when impromptu visitors arrive and you are damn broke.
Episode 4 coming

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