Safety_Pin - MAMA MBOGA CHRONICLES episode 1

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Mama mboga had been inquiring from me if I am a priest or by any chance studying for priesthood everytime I visited her kiosk for veges. Despite telling her I was not and will never be one, she kept on insisting “wewe ni priest, vile nakuona hukosi kuwa”. Although when I asked her the reason for associating me with priesthood, she mumbled “usijali wee jua tu unakaa priest ama utakua priest, hio maisha si mzuri”.

Some day as I paid her my usual evening visit, it was coincidental that some chic also came by to purchase tomatoes. Ok, I must confess she was hot. So mama mboga noticed me busy on my phone and no glances at the girl. She took the initiative to introduce me to the girl.”Tonny huyu mrembo anaitwa stacy. Ako college ndio wako holiday. Umwongeleshe kidogo usimwogope”. Jeez! For the second time in life, I felt my ego as a man broken. The first time was when I was still staying in Mumias a year ago. One day I will narrate to you how.
Mama mboga’s introduction was weird and demeaning. How can she pupport that I had feared this Stacy? I laughed it off humerously and cracked a joke to easen the bile bubbling in me. We all laughed and I noticed the girl was social too. Anyway our two minute interaction ended with a good bye as opposed to “nipe namba yako ntakucall” as mama mboga expected. Mama mboga, after the girl had left, gave me that spiteful look to suggest “bure kabisa”.
Mama mboga’s association of I to priesthood is supposedly traced to the fact that I never seduce girls in my hood. For the six months she had been seeing me around, not once had she seen me with a girl talking or taking to my house. This being the norm of young unmarried guys in my hood, she wonders if Iam normal Never has a girl gone to her kiosk to buy mboga for me. She therefore suspected I was headed to priesthood or she just mocked me but believes I was afraid of seducing ladies.
One evening as I went to purchase veges,it was business unusual. I found three other customers waiting for sukumawiki which her daughter, Tina, was helping her cut. Its normal to find a queue at Mama Tina’s kiosk waiting for sukuma wiki. Its the only kiosk around which offers very fresh and green veges.In addition, the quantity is superb. Her haters have been discouraging us from buying mboga from her alluding that “hio mboga ya mama Tina ni ile inapandwa sewage”. Their words keep falling on deaf ears. So mama Tina seeing the queue, decided to take on me again. “Tonny, leo kuna jam na wee unakuaga na maharaka, si uende tu alafu ntapea Tina mboga akuletee kwa nyumba akimaliza kukata”. Tina is mama mboga’s eldest daughter. I suppose she then around 19 years old, for she was a first year at Egerton University. During holidays, she minded not helping her mum at the busy kiosk. She was fairly beautiful, cute and presentable. She was the only brownskin in her family and seems to resemble neither parent. Maybe mtu alicheswoo, hehe.
I nodded in acceptance and hand her 20bob. “10 inabaki anikujie na nyanya.” As I walked away Tina shouted “Na unifaftie movie powa nipick.” She looked so over excited at the mere mention by her mum of her dropping me veges. On my way to the house questions kept crossing my mind. How comes mama mboga wanted her daughter to bring me veges? And why was Tina so excited? Ok, I knew she knew our plot but did she know my house? Should I revive my past life of team mafisi? If she comes,should I revive the lethal skills I had in Mumias and teach her a lesson?Questions! Questions!!!
It was until 8pm that I heard a knock on the door. Hardly had I responded when it was gently pushed open. There she was, beautiful Tina

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