Strange Excuses African Men Give For Cheating - Sure Signs Your Husband Is Cheating

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Cheating Husbands are Actually Pretty Easy to Catch



If a man is caught in the act, one impromptu lie he comes up with is “it was a mistake”; there can’t be a mistake in cheating; you weren’t under duress and there is nothing like being tricked into having se_x. Se_x is an act between two mature people, there is no trick to it and definitely no mistake. You might be sorry when caught, but that doesn’t make it a mistake, it was done on consent.


This is also another excuse I find really strange; no matter what a woman does, there is still no excuse for cheating on her. Men blame their women when they cheat with excuses like her attitude, poor or lack of sex, quarrels and the lot. Those are just flimsy excuses; it’s better to end the relationship if you feel it isn’t turning out right than cheat on your partner and still blame it on her.

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 This is also another flimsy excuse men give for cheating; if she led you on, it means you enjoyed the ride while following her lead. Women could be tempting and sometimes irresistible but if you care about your partner then you should resist that urge to cheat and if you eventually cheat on her, take responsibility for your actions rather than blaming it on another woman.


It never happens so fast except you want it to and that’s the hard truth. If a woman is making advances at you, it’s best to make your stand clear at the beginning and end anything that might make you want to flirt while it’s early rather than wait till it gets too emotional and then blame it on speed. It never happens too fast without your content.


Some men would think that cheating wouldn’t change anything but it changes everything. Once faithfulness has been bridged, trust goes away as well, and once there is no trust, I wonder how the relationship can grow from then onward. Men cheat and sometimes feel it wouldn’t really matter, but it always does.

There is no perfect human on earth but if you cheat on your partner, it’s better to man up to your actions and ask for forgiveness rather than looking for who or what to blame. I know some men might frown at this but in reality there is no excuse for cheating, whether you are a man or a woman.


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