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Posted on 17th Aug 2019 09:42:56 in How to

Requirements Eligible candidates should meet the following basic requirements: 1. Be Kenyan citizens; 2. P1 certificate; 3. Bachelor's degree in educat

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how to register as a New TSC Teacher for kenyan Citizen - REGISTRATION FEES KSHS 1055

Posted on 17th Aug 2019 09:31:44 in How to

Section A: Important Notes for Applicants (TSC Does Not Accept Paper Applications).1.   All sections of this registration application MUST be com

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How to apply for duplicate TSC CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION and cost ksh 2055

Posted on 17th Aug 2019 09:25:20 in How to

APPLICATION FOR DUPLICATE TSC CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATIONSection A: Important Notes for Applicants (TSC Does Not Accept Paper Applications).Go to 

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Grade 3 Assessment- Monitoring of Learners’ Progress (MLP) and the role of teachers, education officers, in the assessment

Posted on 17th Aug 2019 09:01:21 in How to

how to monitor individual learner progress monitoring progress meaning   Identification and enrolment of Grade 3 learners (MLP) The identification

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How to renew Kenya driving license via mpesa paybill ecitizen?

Posted on 15th Aug 2019 20:06:31 in How to

Steps on how  to renew a driver’s licence with the NTSA eCitizen Portal in kenya  Log in to the eCitizen website – 

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How to register in NTSA TIMs in kenya

Posted on 15th Aug 2019 20:05:45 in How to

To access services available on NTSA TIMS platform, you need to create a personal account. To register; 1. Open the NTSA web portal using this link

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Top 10 mistakes that you should avoid while doing your Tsc payslip registration 2019 2020

Posted on 7th Aug 2019 15:41:54 in How to

1. Do not enter invalid credentials Invalid details are strictly to be avoided. However, if you are trying for Tsc payslip login/register with an invalid

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Nemis upi number - FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS and Answers

Posted on 7th Aug 2019 15:22:25 in How to

What is a NEMIS UPI number? It is a unique Personal code given to staff/learner for identification purpose throughout the education system How do I gener

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KDF recruitment 2019 and KDF salary

Posted on 2nd Jul 2019 07:02:14 in How to

2019 KDF Recruitment. 2019 KDF recruitment of Servicemen/Women/Constables/Tradesmen/Women. Short-listed Candidates. 2019 KDF Recruitment - 2019 KDF Recrui

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How to open, get Mpesa Paybill Number for Company, business, fundraising 2019

Posted on 16th Jun 2019 15:43:14 in How to

Get  Mpesa Paybill Number: Have you ever wondered how to register, apply for , obtain or open a Safaricom Lipa na MPESA Pay Bill number fo

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