Instagram Image And Video Downloader Documentation

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Table of Contents

  1. Your files
  2. Installation and configuration
  3. How to use it
  4. Settings
  5. Additional Notes

1) Your files - top

All files you need are inside  folder named the sourcecode folder inside insta Zip archive.

2) Installation and configuration - top

To install unzip the downloaded Zip folder into your host
Open app folder and edit bootstrap.php by editing DOMAINname to Your website domain name without the protocol
GAexample to your Google analytics code

3)How to use it - top

Open istagram username that you want to download image from or search results Right click on the image and click on open link and copy that url to downloader text field and click on download
Save your image or video in your computer by clicking on donload image or download video

4) settings

make sure that all files are unziped in the root folder of your domain or subdomain  ( the script files are in app folder)

5) Additional Notes - top

Every precaution has been taken to guard against XSS, CSRF and SQL injection attacks.

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