Dayliff Drip Irrigation 16mm Drip Line 30cm emitter 1000m roll

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Dayliff Drip irrigation is a range of quality drip irrigation fittings manufactured to high standards to give excellent performance in varying agricultural applications. Drip irrigation systems can be either pumped or gravity fed and are installed in a lattice of HDPE main lines with Drip line off takes. Key aspects to consider when installing drip lines are:-

  • Maximum drip line length is determined by available head at approximately 10m line length per 1m head with a minimum system pressure of 3m and maximum of 20m. For example maximum Drip line length at 5m head is 50m.

  • Drip line spacing should be approximately 75cm varying ± 25cm depending upon crop.
  • Hourly irrigation water demand will depend upon various parameters including drip line specification and spacings, though as a guide a system output will be approximately 30m3/hr/per acre. This figure is given for indicative purposes only and each system output should be separately calculated by multiplying total drip line length by drip line water flow per meter.
  • All drip line water feed should be filtered to less than 120 micron.
  • Drip line can be either surface mounted or buried to root depth to a maximum of 30cm.


Drip Irrigation Fittings
Dayliff drip irrigation fittings are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure long life in the toughest of working environments. A complete selection of components is available to provide efficient irrigation for all crops and applications.

Drip Line
Drip line is available in several specifications to suit all irrigation requirements and features high UV resistant LPDE material with high clogging resistance. All options are supplied in 16mm diameter and 1000m lengths with integral drip emitters available in different spacings and flow rates depending on requirements. Standard drip lines are available in options of 20cm or 30cm emitter spacings with emitter flows of 1.2 or 1.4l/hr. Other spacing and emitter flow options of 1.6 and 2.3l/hr are available on special order.

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