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The Teachers Service Commission is advertising 5,000 posts (TSC jobs) for recruitment of Secondary School teachers to address the 100% transition from Primary to Secondary Schools.

Eligible candidates should meet the following basic requirements:

(i) Be Kenya citizens.

(ii) Must be 45 years of age and below.

(iii) Must have original Professional and Academic Certificates.

(iv) Must be registered with the Teachers Service Commission.

The recruitment of the teachers will bring to 12,000 the number of teachers recruited since last year, when the plan was rolled out.

“These teachers will come in handy in supporting this policy, which ensures that all children from primary join secondary schools,” said Mrs Macharia.

The recruitment is expected to cost Sh3 billion.

Last month, TSC warned of a possible education crisis, unless nearly 70,000 teachers were hired to support the growing student population. 

Already, more than 800,000 students have reported to secondary schools.

Teachers unions have also asked the government to hire more teachers, saying quality education cannot be realised when the country has a shortage of teachers.

TSC had proposed that 12,626 teachers be recruited annually for four years from 2018, at a cost of Sh8.3 billion per year.​


Applicants applying for the posts in Secondary Schools must be holders of a minimum of Diploma in Education Certificate. Interested candidates should apply to the Secretary, Board of Management of the school where a vacancy has been advertised and submit a copy of the application to the TSC County Director.

All interested candidates should submit their applications to the Boards of Management not later than 12th February, 2019. 

The Teachers Service Commission is an equal opportunity employer and persons with disabilities (PWD’s) are encouraged to apply. 

The Commission will only deal with TSC County Directors and Boards of Management in this exercise. Direct application to the Commission will NOT be considered.

Successful applicants MUST NOT fill employment forms in more than one station as this will lead to disqualification.


The recruitment exercise is free of charge. The Teachers Service Commission would wish to caution applicants against fraudsters who might extort money from unsuspecting persons purporting to assist in having them employed.

Any fraudulent activity should be reported to the nearest police station, or to Teachers Service Commission headquarters through the following hotlines between 8.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. 

Director (Staffing) contacts 

1. Tel: 0202892193

2. Tel: 0202892133

3. Tel: 0202892135

4. Tel: 0202892171 



Write to the Commission through the email address dirtm@tsc.go.ke

For detailed information on available vacancies in Secondary Schools applicants are advised to:

a) Visit the TSC Website www.tsc.go.ke

b) Visit the TSC office at the County or Sub-county of their choice.

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