How to Register For KCSE Examinations As A Private Candidate In Kenya (KNEC)

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Kenya National Examination Council has enabled many Kenyans to have a second chance in obtaining their O level certificate. The KNEC examination body in Kenya provide a private candidate registration avenue in Kenya for those who missed their chance in KCSE for various reasons. Some of people who register as private candidates for KCSE in Kenya include: those who failed their KCSE exam in Kenya, and wish to try again without having to attend classes and wear uniforms, or those who are older and had missed a chance in their youth in Kenya, or those due to unforeseen circumstances, especially due to sickness or accidents in Kenya, were unable to sit their KCSE examinations in Kenya.


Requirements Needed by KNEC for KCSE Private Candidate Registration in Kenya (KNEC)


Where to go Register for KCSE examinations with KNEC as a Private Candidate in Kenya


Download private candidates entry form for the 2017 kcse examination

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