Who is eligible for HELB loans?

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Q: Who is eligible for HELB loans?
A: TVET sdtudents, health students enrolled in either KMTC or Faithbased institution, Undergraduate Students,Postgraduate Students

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1. Access the HELB website http://www.helb.co.ke/helb_repayment_status.html and enter your ID number
2. Send an email to requesting for your statement to repayments@helb.co.ke.

Q: How can I repay my loan?
1. By depositing cash or cheque into the HELB collection accounts
2. By direct debit
3. By credit card
4. By a standing order through your credit card

5. Via Mpesa pay bill number 200800
Note: Details on how to execute the above can be obtained from the loan repayment information section of the HELB website

Q: How do I receive my completion certificate?
1. Send an email  requesting for your statement to certificates@helb.co.ke

2.  call our contact centre on 0711052000

Q: How do I forward a query to HELB
1. Download the enquiry form from the HELB website:- http://www.helb.co.ke/HELBENQUIRYFORM.pdf, fill it out and email it toenquiries@helb.co.ke.

2. Access the HELB websitehttp://www.helb.co.ke/helb_repayment_status.html and enter your ID number to obtain the name of your account manager and call 0711052000

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