Which laptop brand is the most reliable in Kenya?

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Answer 1

In my opinion, Lenovo laptops in Kenya has overtaken HP laptops in reliability and availability of replacement parts.

However, the life of a laptop will largely depend on how you take care of it.

For example, I usually see people holding their machines using the display.That is a big NO! NO!

I’ve been using a Lenovo for 4 years now. In that time, I've seen my colleagues using HP laptops replace them.

The only thing I did was add another 4GB of RAM and replace the charger. My battery still lasts two hours of watching a movie even after 4 years.

Another reliable brand is Dell. Now, these laptops have long battery life compared to machines in the same price range. Though the brand doesn't have many models in the country. However, replacement parts for Dell laptops in Kenya are not easily available.

So, I highly recommend Lenovo.

There are so many laptop brands in Kenya but lately Asus and Lenovo seem to be knocking off HP at the top. Asus has introduced very powerful and lightweight laptop at pocket friendly prices.The availability of there replacement parts is also high. Lenovo are also trying to keep up the pace by flooding the market with a wide range of laptops which are actually gaining popularity by the day.

I would recommend acer, asus, lenevo laptops simply because they have the best online support for their products. Beware of counterfeit computers though, there's alot f them in the kenyan market.

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Answer 2

Are you bringing a laptop into Kenya or asking after a model you can buy in Kenya?

If you are bringing a laptop in, you can basically rely on whatever model you have. That matters little. Just get a good ISP and you're set.

If you are asking about what model to get while in Kenya, then simply go with whatever model is most reliable worldwide. Will work just fine here.

Basically, if it's reliable elsewhere, it's reliable here too.

Answer 3

I would recommend HP laptops simply because they have the best online support for their products. Beware of counterfeit computers though, there's alot f them in the kenyan market.

Answer 4

HP Laptop, because it's a top brand, too many people use the hp loptop to work.

Answer 5

I had a HP DV6 that served me dilligently for about 5 years. I retired it out of choice, mostly because I wanted to try something else. I am on an ASUS now and the major problem is the lack of parts. I replaced the DV6's parts alot over the course of those 5 years because it had a serious heating problem. My only luck was that its spares are readily available and considerably affordable.


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