When to and how to use the statement of examination results

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statements of examination results are strictly for use by the employer or an institution and therefore cannot be given or copied to the candidate/parent/guardian or any other individuals. Please note that examination results is not a certificate.


Statements of examination results should not be re-routed from one organization to another.

All requests for confirmation must be accompanied by copies of certificates. Results slips are also acceptable for all examinations except for theCPE and KCPE examinations. Where a copy of certificate or results slip is missing. The applicant must obtain an introduction letter from school and a certified copy of a results printout for the particular year from their former schools/colleges and county directors or sub- county directors for private candidates and schools that have since closed.

For modular courses (Business, Technical and SNE) all copies of results slips for all the modular courses must be attached to the application form

applicants are advised not to make any payments before their applications are verified by KNEC.  

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