What is the current TSC policy on promotion of teachers after furthering their studies?

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A proposal by the union says there are terms and conditions of service negotiated between it and the TSC, which should be applied indiscriminately.

It adds that teachers nearing retirement have been systematically left out of promotions despite having met the required qualifications.

“Some teachers are about to exit service after serving on the same grade for over 15 years despite excelling in their career and having clean records in service delivery,” Knut says.

TSC chief executive Nancy Macharia has stated that the commission recognizes higher qualifications and that it is has developed career progression guidelines, which recognises various qualifications depending on positions.

She says higher qualifications will count in career progression depending on the vacancies and the particular qualifications needed.

Knut has opposed appraisals, saying teachers are spending more time filling forms as opposed to teaching

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