What is Huduma Card and how to get One in Kenya 2017

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What is a Huduma Card

The Huduma card is the first government owned multipurpose service and payment card that allows customers to make or receive payments. The card has a smart chip built into it whereby the cardholder’s personal data can be securely stored and can host multiple applications on the embedded chip.

What is a prepaid Card

A prepaid card draws funds from a prepaid account. Prepaid accounts can be loaded with monetary value by cardholders, companies, or institutions. Once funds are added to the prepaid accounts, cardholders can use their prepaid cards to pay for goods in stores, online, by phone, and to get cash at ATMs– anywhere MasterCard® is accepted worldwide. Prepaid cards offer several different ways to ‘load’ funds, with no credit check or bank account required. Prepaid cards offer greater flexibility, convenience, and security compared to handling large amounts of cash.

The Huduma Card meets the aspiration of Kenya’s Vision 2030 that calls for reforms in public service to enhance accountability, transparency and efficient service delivery. It is part of the 5 channels of service delivery under Huduma Payment Gateway providing a unified and integrated multi-channel payment gateway to facilitate ease of payment for Government services

Features of Huduma Card

One Multi-purpose Card

Huduma Card was designed to revolutionize how we pay for services and access money from some government institutions. Huduma cardholders will be able to pay for a wide range of government services, including KRA, drivers’ license, NHIF and NSSF. Furthermore Kenyans who receive government payments, such as social welfare grants, disaster relief disbursements or organizations such as UWEZO Fund will also be able to access their funds using the Huduma Card.


It is safer and more convenient than carrying cash or checks. Using the chip & PIN enabled card it is safer for customers making larger purchases than carrying lots of cash.


Bearing an international payment card scheme (MasterCard) which provides the prepaid payment technology, the Huduma Card is accepted everywhere since MasterCard is accepted worldwide.


No Bank Account Required

Prepaid cards do not require cardholders to have an existing bank account as it is not linked to a bank account the card solely relies on the customer to load it. This will have an immediate, significant and positive impact on the lives of millions of Kenyans, many of whom have not previously had access to a formal bank product.

Value-Added Services

Huduma Card offers value-added services such as paying for goods and services and bill payments both locally and online.

24 Hour Access

Huduma Cards can be used to make cash withdrawals anywhere, anytime at ATMs that accepts MasterCard worldwide.

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