Profitable business ideas in kenya to start with 10k - 1 million shillings pdf

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Most profitable business ideas in kenya plan in pdf

1. M-Pesa Sub Agent Business in Kenya
2. Executive Barber Shop Business
3. Movie Shop Business in Kenya
4. Chapati Wholesale Business in Kenya
5. Smokies & Egg Vending Business 
6. Flowers Business in Kenya
7. Greenhouse Tomatoes Business
8. Chicken Butchery Business in Kenya
9. Supermarket shelf space
10. Milk Distributorship Business in Kenya
11. Gift Service Business in Kenya
12. Wines and Spirits Retail Business
13. Tents & Chairs Leasing Business 
14. Free Advertiser Magazine Business
15. Bookshop Business in Kenya
16. Bottled Water Business in Kenya
17. Hair Salon Business in Kenya
18. Fruit / Juice Parlor Business in Kenya
19. Slot Machines Business in Kenya
20. Curios, food card and honey business
21. Keg Bar Business in Kenya
22. Selling Cookies Business in Kenya
23. Daycare Business in Kenya
24. Gas (LPG) Retail Business in Kenya
25. Motorcycle Spare Parts Business
26. Ice Lollies Making Business in Kenya
27. Paint Mixing Business in Kenya
28. Second Hand Novels Business 
29. Car Wash Business in Kenya
30. Printing Business in Kenya
31. Petrol Station Business in Kenya
32. Courier Business in Kenya
33. Chemist Retail Business in Kenya
34. Timber Yard Business in Kenya
35. Sifted Maize Flour Mill Business
36. Local Bar Business in Kenya
37. Beef Butchery Business in Kenya
38. Laundry Business in Kenya
39. Selling Cake Boxes Business in Kenya
40. Mitumba Clothes Business in Kenya
41. Agrovet Business in Kenya
42. Pork butchery and Eatery Business 
44. Gym Business in Kenya
45. Cooking oil filtering business
46. Handbag re,ntal business
47 plumbing hardware Business 
48 fast food joint
48 cyber Business 
49 Bank agent Business 
50 poultry farmin guide

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10 Profitable One Person Business Ideas to Try in Kenya 2022

1. Tutoring
If you have a specialty that you can share and the capacity to teach, tutoring is an ideal one-person company startup that you should consider starting.
Tutoring will typically not require much capital to get started - you will, however, need to be appropriately qualified to land gigs. You will normally receive your payment directly after the session.
2. Venturing into the Food Industry
The food industry is always growing. It requires some good capital, not only for the operational costs but also to obtain the necessary licences. You will need a business permit from your local county government and a certification from the health and sanitation board within your locality. Although some people might try to operate without these, it is best to comply with the set guidelines for smooth and ethical operations.
3. Offering Taxi Services
With the rise of ride-hailing services such as Uber and Bolt within the country, drivers have never been more in demand than right now. Depending on where you reside, you may be able to choose between driving for Uber or Bolt or any other service existing in your locality
4. Running a YouTube Channel
Creating a YouTube channel is one of the most straightforward side hustles you can undertake from home.
It costs nothing to register a YouTube account, begin posting videos, and eventually monetise your videos after crossing a threshold of subscribers and watch hours - lot’s of hard work and consistency is needed
5. Selling E-Books
Every firm, entrepreneur and everyday person is looking for new resources and educational opportunities. So, if you can harness your expertise in a certain subject area, you are sure to have a ready audience that could potentially buy your books
6. Blogging
With your laptop or desktop, internet connection, and a passion for writing, blogging can be one of the easiest startups you can run from the comfort of your home. Once you optimise your blog and have sufficient traffic flowing to your site, you can tap on the existing passive online incomes, such as affiliate marketing
7. Data Entry Services
Like blogging, data entry requires minimal startup costs. Today, you can almost entirely operate your data entry business online. With your computer and internet connection, you can be right on track.
8. Mobile Beauty Therapist
Convenience is what many people are seeking today. Picture the time of the month when you need to do your hair or nails. Instead of leaving the comfort of your home, you only make a phone call, and a beauty therapist comes to your aid. This business option is open to anyone who prefers house calls to being stationary in one place.
9. Home Décor Services
Most people today turn their talents into businesses. With a slight professional boost, they turn out to be the best people in the field. Although professionally, I had a friend who used to offer home décor services; she was a business student. She charged for every hour she could spend in a client's home, especially for new clients. For her frequent clients, she billed cumulatively.
10. Personal Training
If you enjoy working out or participating in sports, this could be a fantastic business possibility for you to pursue. The idea involves specialising in physical activity or a specific type of clientele, or both, and rising to the occasion.


What businesses are in demand in Kenya?

Here is a list of the most profitable businesses to start in Kenya:

  • Car wash businesses. ...
  • Laundry Business in Kenya. ...
  • Cosmetics Business in Kenya. ...
  • Spare-parts sales Business in Kenya. ...
  • Travel agency business in Kenya. ...
  • Computer Sales Business in Kenya. ...
  • Food sales Business in Kenya. ...
  • Landscaping Business in Kenya.


Which is the best business to start in Kenya?

List of the best businesses to start with 200k in Kenya

  1. Cyber café A cyber café is the best business to start in Kenya with 200k. ...
  2. Laundry service business. ...
  3. Selling clothes. ...
  4. ...
  5. Cake baking business. ...
  6. Grocery store. ...
  7. Mobile money transfer. ...
  8. Wines and spirits.


Which is the cheapest business to start in Kenya?

If interested to know more about manufacturing business ideas, check out our list of best manufacturing businesses to start on a small scale.

  • #4. Start a Soapmaking Business in Kenya. ...
  • #6. Small Bakery. ...
  • #7. Restaurant business. ...
  • #8. Real Estate Business. ...
  • #9. Laundry Business. ...
  • #14. Baby Sitting. ...
  • Barber Shop. ...
  • Car Rental Business.



How can I invest 50000 in Kenya?

The following are some of the most profitable retail businesses you can start in Kenya with 50,000 KES:

  1. Grocery Store Business. Starting a grocery store with good business management skills can be best, with 50K in Kenya. ...
  2. Thrift Store Business. ...
  3. Local Kiosk. ...
  4. Perfume refilling business.


What are the top 5 most profitable businesses in Kenya?

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What business can make you rich?

What businesses are hot right now?

What businesses will be in demand in 2022?

Where can I invest 10k in Kenya?

How can I multiply money fast?

How can I make money fast in Kenya?

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