Veterinary Medicine Jobs and Salaries in Kenya 2018

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After graduation, there are several places you can get a job, some of them include KEMRI CDC,KEMRI Wellcome Trust,KARI,Ministry of Health, several NGOs and other government institutions. Besides securing a job at aforementioned institutions, you can also choose to start your own business where you would be tasked with treating livestock and pets.

What we have gathered is that a fresh graduate from a local university is offered a starting salary of Ksh55, 000-Ksh85, 000 while a very experienced professional earns Ksh180, 000-Ksh250, 000.You can see this salary cannot be compared to what you can earn when you are in private practice.

Currently the rate of employment for veterinary medicine graduates in Kenya stands at 67 %, which is not a bad rate considering other courses like MBA and BCOM have very low rate

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