Utafiti Primary school performance and Best pupil in KCPE 2017 fees structure

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Utafiti Primary School is a public mixed day primary school located in Kikuyu Location, Kikuyu Division, Kabete Constituency in Kiambu County

Best Performing pupil in KCPE 2017 results : 445 Marks





Level of education: PRIMARY SCHOOL
Status of school: PUBLIC
School institution type: MIXED, DAY ONLY, ORDINARY
Classrooms: 8
Students: 327
Pupil teacher ratio: 40.9
Pupil classroom ratio: 40.9
Pupil toilet ratio: 27.3
GOK TSC male: 2
GOK TSC female: 5
PTA BOG male: 1
PTA BOG female: 0
Non teaching staff male: 3
Non teaching staff female: 5
Total Execution Time content: 0.00027230183283488 Mins Total Execution Time social : 0.0001 Mins

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