TSC under fire over 10000 teachersテ「竄ャ邃「 promotions . Lookup if you are available in the list

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TSC under fire over 10000 teachers’ promotions . Lookup if you are available in the list

Teachers Service Commission is not resting easy after promoting 10, 000 teachers out of 27, 000 who applied for promotion.
Union officials are infuriated over the promotion and have turned the heat on the TSC demanding explanation over the small number of promoted teachers.
Bomet County Knut Executive Secretary Malel Langat in Bomet County have termed the promotion of 10, 000 teachers by TSC as a “mockery of the teaching force.”
Speaking to the press, Langat said they expected TSC to promote more than 10, 000 teachers after delaying promotions for more than ten years.
Langat said it was sad that TSC has not been promoting teachers for the last ten years only to start with a minimal number.
“While we appreciate the latest promotion of the teacher we are not happy with the number,” added Langat. Langat also demanded that TSC to make public the criteria used in selecting teachers to be promoted.
“This is no joke for us, we want to know how TSC arrived at the 10, 000 teachers and that should happen within a very short time,” Langat said.
He said more 800 teachers in Bomet County have been going for degrees and diplomas with the hope of securing promotions.
“Code of regulation dictates that whenever a teacher gets a degree or diploma he is entitled to a promotion but that has not happened for the last ten years” said Langat

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