Tsc Teachers Recruitment Requirements For Secondary and Primary Schools Posts

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Tsc Employment Requirements For Primary Schools Vacancies Applicants

  1. must be holders of P1 certificate.
  2. should apply to the TSC County Director, in the County where a vacancy has been advertised
  3. submit all relevant academic and professional documents.
  4. Earlier unsuccessful applicants must apply afresh


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Tsc Teachers Employment Requirements

  • Be Kenya citizens.
  • Must be 45 years of age and below.
  • Must be registered with the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).
  • Must have original Professional and Academic Certificates.


Tsc Teachers Recruitment Requirements For Secondary Schools Posts

  • Must be holders of a minimum of Diploma in Education Certificate.
  • Apply to the Secretary, Board of Management of the school where a vacancy has been advertised and submit a copy of the application to the TSC County Director.



  • The recruitment exercise is free of charge.
  • The Teachers Service Commission would wish to forewarn applicants against fraudsters who might extort money from unsuspecting persons purporting to assist in recruitment.

For detailed information on available vacancies in Counties and schools/institutions applicants are advised to:

Visit the TSC Website www.tsc.go.ke or

Visit the TSC offices at the County or Sub-County.

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