TSC Registration – TSC Online Registration Status, Form, Inquiry and TSC Number in Kenya

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TSC Number in kenya

TSC Online Registration – The Teachers Service Commission Act 2012 Article 237, requires the commission to register all qualified teachers before they can teach in any public or private institution. A teacher who meets the requirements for TSC registration will be issued with the certificate of Registration bearing a TSC number within 30 days. The names of all registered teachers will be published every year.

TSC Online Registration – Requirements for TSC Registration:

TSC Registration Form

Applicants for TSC registration are required to apply for registration online and the user-guide is also available.


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TSC Registration Online – One should scan and upload the following documents:

TSC Registration Requirements

  1. Certified copies of academic and professional certificates , the national identity card and (1) passport photo size.
  2. Entry and work permits for non-Kenyans.
  3. Deposit Ksh 550 through Direct Banking or Simple Banking . (KSh 500 is a non refundable registration fee and ksh 50 for Bank Commission Charge to the TSC). For Simple Banking click M-pesa user guide.

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TSC Registration Online – Bank Account details required for TSC  registration are:

  1. Bank Name: National Bank 0f Kenya – Harambee Avenue Branch, Nairobi
  2. Account Name: Teachers Service Commission – Teachers Registration Fees
  3. Number: 01001000905001
  4. M-pesa details are: Business Number – 547700

TSC Registration Status – TSC Online Registration Status

All the components of the TSC online payslip registration form in Kenya are mandatory and the applicants are required to provide truthful details. You can get deregistered on the TSC Online payslip account where your account is suspected of fraudulent details or wrong information. You can email the Teachers Service Commission in Kenya about any enquiries on getting payslips online in Kenya via payslips@tsc.go.ke.

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TSC Registration Inquiry – Frequently Asked Questions

TSC Online Registration – How can I register as a TSC teacher?

Use the online step by step guide to register as a TSC teacher. Ensure you have scanned the following prior to starting the registration process;


  1. your academic certificates i.e. primary,secondary,university and college
  2. University or college transcripts
  3. passport photo
  4. banking slip of the registration payment done.

TSC Online Registration Status – How will I know I have been Registered?

To check your registration status, on the TSC website under online services select teachers online and choose registration status.

TSC Number / Registration Certificate – How long will the TSC Number / certification take?

The certification will take 30 days.


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TSC Registration Dates – When do qualified teachers get employed by TSC?

Available vacancies are advertised in the local dailies, subsequently procedures for applications are provided.

All advertised posts are available on the teachersonline.go.ke


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