TSC news update: TSC deregisters Knut boss Wilson Sossion

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The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has finally deregistered Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) Secretary General Wilson Sossion.

TSC removed Mr Sossion from its list of teachers on Monday following last week's ruling by the Labour court that allowed the commission to kick out Knut as a teacher after he joined politics as an ODM nominated.

Mr Sossion immediately dismissed the move as inconsequential.

“The deregistration changes nothing,” said Mr Sossion. He cited Article 34 (A) of the Labour Relations Act, saying the termination of his contract did not affect his rights as a union official.

The Central Organisation of Trade Union (Cotu) has since rallied behind Mr Sossion saying TSC should stop intimidation.

In a press statement, Cotu Secretary General Francis Atwoli said he supports the decision by Mr Sossion to retain his position both as Knut boss and as a nominated MP respective of the court's decision.


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“As Cotu, we wish to acknowledge that Mr Sossion holds a valid and legitimate position in the leadership of Knut. Equally, the ruling does not in any way affect the position  of secretary general as he is an elected leaders nominated and voted in by members of Knut,” said Mr Atwoli.

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