TSC new tough order against studying teachers in kenya 2019

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The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has stopped teachers undertaking private studies from doing their assignments using materials and resources belonging to schools.

Chief executive officer Nancy Macharia has also prohibited the teachers from undertaking private studies and working on assignments during school hours.

“The practice is contrary to the prevailing regulations and must cease henceforth,” said Mrs Macharia in a circular to teachers.

She said the decision had been arrived at after the commission establish teachers were using institutional materials and or resources at the expense of their official work.

She went on: “This behaviour has adversely affected curriculum delivery and compromised quality of teaching in most public schools, leading to poor performance in academic programmes and co-curricular activities amongst learners.”

The follows a new policy launched by TSC on Monday which requires teachers to undertake professional development courses six times in their years of service.

“The Commission will take stern disciplinary action on any teacher who violates the provision of these guidelines,” said Mrs Macharia.

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