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2310 posts for Headteachers advertised by TSC


The Head Teacher is the head of the school and the lead educator. He/she is responsible for the provision of leadership in implementation of the curriculum, educational policies and programs. He/she also leads in the development and implementation of the school’s strategy, work plans, budgets, and supervises the operations of the school.


1. To qualify for appointment to the grade of Head Teacher, a teacher must:-

2. Be serving under career progression guidelines

3. Have served as Deputy Head Teacherfor a minimum period ofthree (3) years;

4. Be currently serving as Deputy Head Teacher II TSC Scale 9;

5. Be in possession of a Bachelor of Education degree or its equivalent;

6. Have satisfactory rating in the performance appraisal;

7. Meet the requirements of Chapter Six (6) of the Constitution;

8. Have demonstrated ability to supervise, mentor and provide professional support

to other teachers and;

9. Meet any other requirement the Commission may deem necessary.

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