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What is a “standard”?
A standard is an agreed way of doing something. It could be about making a product, managing a process or delivering a service. Standards can cover a huge range of activities undertaken by an organization. The point of a standard is to provide a reliable basis for people to share the same expectations about a product or service.
Teaching Standards in this tool are the clear expression of the baseline of expectations for the professional practice and conduct of teachers and define the minimum level of practice expected of teachers in Kenya. Teachers are expected to use the Teaching Standards to support their own professional development, planning teaching and learning programs, and for assessing learners’ progress. Teachers will find the Standards useful in reviewing their practice and inform their plans for continuous professional development since they provide shared understanding of the essentials of great teaching.
Quality teaching occurs when the teacher’s ongoing analysis of the context, decisions about which pedagogical knowledge and abilities to apply result in optimum learning by students. The Standards should help teachers set targets and monitor achievement and develop programs that support and improve student learning.

This part need not be filled unless there is a disagreement arising from appraisal process between the appraisee and appraiser. Section 53 of the Code of Regulation for Teacher 2015 outlines moderation procedures to be applied in case of a disagreement in the appraisal process.
5.1. Appraisee’s/Appraiser’s Comments
Where the Appraisee and Appraiser fail to agree on the ratings, they document on areas of disagreement in the space below
________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
5.2. Arbitrator Where there is disagreement the arbitrator will assist the appraisee and appraiser to reach agreement and complete the section below.
________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Arbitrator Name ………………………………… TSC No. ………...........Designation……………………Sign……………… Date…………


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