Top Google searches in Kenya 2018: Most Trending Topics, Persons, words, things - The top 10 ‘How to’ Searches

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1) How to lose weight fast 
2) How to create a blog 
3) How to keep natural hair soft 
4) How to save money 
5) How to bleach skin professionally 
6) How to chat with girls 
7) How to get a flat stomach 
8) How to treat a burn at home 
9) How to answer interview questions 
10) How to use colored bulbs for interior decor


Top Google search how to things in Kenya 2017

  1. How to check KCPE results online
  2. How to file KRA returns
  3. How to make pancakes
  4. How to write an application letter
  5. How to lose belly fat
  6. How to make money online
  7. How to bake a cake
  8. How to create a website
  9. How to get pregnant
  10. How to write a report

Top Google search topics in Kenya 2018

  1. IEBC Results
  2. Gambia
  3. KCPE results
  4. Despacito
  5. Tibim
  6. NASA Coalition
  7. Jubilee Party
  8. NASA flag bearer
  9. Standard Gauge Railway (SGR)
  10. Presidential results

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