Till number M-PESA INTEGRATION - LIPA NA M-PESA integration

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Over the years, M-PESA has redefined the heights of mobile money and how businesses receive payments, make payments and transfer funds to ther organizations. As a business owner you know that your customers would like to get realtime notifications of their payments, bills and order processing. At UNISTRAT we have this handled with our end to end M-PESA integration chanell that gives your realtime processing of you payments, data analysis of your payments and realtime notifications to your customers on every payment

Customer to Business[C2B]


When any payment is made to your paybill, we retrieve the payment, push it into your ERP or Financial system and the alert the customer notifying them of the received payment..

Business to Customer [B2C]


With our B2C integration chanell you can make payments from your Financial system or ERP directly to your customers via your M-PESA paybill account. No need to queue in the bank.

Business to Business [B2B]


You can make payments to other businesses directly from your paybill number to their paybill number, this can be done direcly from your ERP or financial system without any hustles.

Developers API


We have simplified the M-PESA integration for your consumption, talk to us, we will do the integration for your customer's payill and send your all the alerts at a destination of your choice.

Analytics Reports


With our BI analytics, we present your with graphical view of your payment activities for all M-PESA chanells. This ensures that you know how your business is perfoming..

Online Checkout


If you sell goods online we can automate your checkout process seamlessly to allow your customers pay for their purchases. This will take your business to the next level...

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