THE TOP TEN MOST EXPENSIVE SCHOOLS IN KENYA and Highest charged tuition fees in Africa

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Reports State:  Kenya’s elite schools charges the  highest fees in Africa.

It is in these schools that you will find the children of the who’s who in Kenya’s political, diplomatic, business and corporate landscape. Education might be free for all at public primary and high schools in the country, but if you want quality, you must be ready to pay for it. And pay big you will at these international schools. 8-4-4 is not in the mix and the only systems available are the GCSE and IB.  Now How much will they charge for the 2-3-3-6-3 System

1. International school of Kenya (ISK)

takes the cake with a whopping Kshs. 2,070,204 (per year, payable in two installments) as school fees .It’s the largest international school in Kenya and its notable alumnus include Dan Eldon an English photojournalist and Karen Graham, Canadian author and dietitian. 
Unlike most schools on the list, it offers a North American curriculum together with the International Baccalaureate Diploma program.

2.St Andrews Turi
- The school is located at Turi, between Kericho and Nakuru and offers education in the following educational levels: preparatory school, senior school and college. It was established in 1931 by the Levets before it burned down on 29th February1941 and was later rebuilt by Italian prisoners of war. It Charges Kshs. 944,500 PER TERM (both Tution and Boarding). Tuition fees for day scholars is Kshs. 610,000.

3. Greensteds International School .

The school was established in 1936 and just like Banda School, its located near a national park, Nakuru National Park to be exact. Its located 6km from Nakuru. Fees per term is 425,000 for day scholars and 585,000 for boarders


4.Brookhouse School

is located in Lang’ata on your way to Rongai. The school which bears a striking resemblance to Hogwarts (a fictional British school in the Harry Potter Series) offers early, preparatory and secondary schooling. The school also offers a British Curriculum and students pay Kshs.505,000 Kenya Shillings as school fees per term. Boarders pay Kshs. 830,000.


5.Peponi School

is based about a kilometer away from the Thika Super Highway and is reportedly owned by the Kenyatta family, Kenya’s first family. It boasts of state-of-the-art facilities and offers activities such as Water Polo, Gym and Aerobics which are common in developed countries but are rare in most Kenyan schools. You pay around Kshs.492,000 per term (tuition only). Boarders pay Kshs.619,500


6.Hillcrest International School:

The school is located in the South West of Nairobi in the suburb of Karen. It stated started out as a preparatory school in 1966 before expanding into a full blown campus that comprises of Hillcrest Early Years, Hillcrest Preparatory, Hillcrest Secondary and Hillcrest Senior School. It’s owned by the Hillcrest Investments Limited. School fees amounts to Kshs. 503,400 (tution only), super pricey by Kenyan Standards.


7.Braeburn Imani International School.

It’s one of the newest branches of the Braeburn Group of Schools. The school is located along Mangu Road, Thika and offers a British Curriculum for early years, primary and high school, the school fess is 727,800 per term.


8. Gems Cambridge International School .

It is owned and operated by GEMS Education, it’s located in the posh suburbs of Karen. The tuition fee is Kshs 718,480 per term. Its sister schools are located in India, Abu Dhabi and Kampala.Registration is done online and, according to the school’s website, “registration does not guarantee your child a place”. A tour of the school compound and inside the facilities gives one a feel of quality and finesse. Even with high temperatures, one is welcomed by a cool breeze at a spacious reception with glass doors that opens into an open field.

The imported seats and tables dotting the area underline the ambience at the front office.

Walking along the corridors, you are treated to brightly coloured paintings and murals. Most of these are done by the pupils.

In the classrooms, pupils learn using tablets, laptops and projectors. An iPad costs between Sh57,000 (16GB) and Sh67,000 (64GB) while a new laptop costs an average of Sh50,000. The pupils do not share these gadgets during class time. There are enough to go round.


9. The Banda School -

This school is located in Lang’ata, fourteen kilometers away from the town centre and borders the Nairobi National Park. A Mr. and Mrs. Chitty founded the school 1966 and is currently one of the largest Preparatory schools in the world and one of the best international school in Kenya offering the British curriculum.

The tuition fees per term are Kshs.695,000 depending on which year and the outstanding academic, sporting and cultural achievements set it apart from the rest. They also have iPads in the school.


10: Kenton Preparatory School

- located in the leafy suburbs of Kileleshwa comes in at number 10. The school was established in January 1924 at Kijabe before moving to Westwood Park Hotel in Ngong’ during World War 2 and subsequently to Kileleleshwa. In this school that was originally owned by Finlay Cramb, you pay Kshs 675,918 per term. So why do we pay an arm and a leg for this school? It is considered one of the top 500 Preparatory Schools in the World.

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