The New curriculum will make wholesome students - Matiang'i says

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The government is keen to give students a wider vision of life by exposing them to many subjects as possible, Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i  said.

Dr Matiang’i said through the basic education curriculum, education policy makers want students to become wholesome.

“We want students to have multiple skills that will help them cope with the complexity of life,” said the Cabinet Secretary during a meeting with 100 students who are beneficiaries of Pupils Reward Scheme (PURES Village) at Kenya institute of curriculum development (KICD).

PURES is a mentorship programme that enables top students in high schools from across the country to have an experience staying at State House, the country’s seat of ultimate political power and authority in the land.

A student Alex Kimutai from Alliance High School had questioned the CS why the Ministry exposed students to many subjects when some of the subjects were not core to the careers and professions they wanted to pursue after high school.

Dr Matiang’i also assured the students that the strict supervision of national examinations ensured that the measurement and testing of educational outcomes were to global standards.

“Honest and hard work is the pillar of success in life and the credibility of the national examinations guarded these crucial values that underpin life everywhere,” said the CS.

Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) Governor Patrick Njoroge underscored the importance of a broader curriculum saying students ought to learn many things to appreciate the many talents they had.

Dr Njoroge however said character was the pillar upon which all other things they do depended.

The beneficiaries of the programme are usually taken around ministries and government agencies to learn about the foundations and operations of various organs of government.


This will help by producing wholesome students. 

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