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 Download Form from Here for secondary and primary schools

Secondary Schools Data Returns Form.pdf

Primary School Data Returns Form.pdf

Education Management Information System (EMIS) refers to ICT software with several components (modules) by which data in schools is collected, aggregated, organized and proccessed for use by school management in decision making. The components (modules) include those of curriculum and instrution, human resource, school-community relations and finance.

Finance refers to the planning and utilization of school funds in an efficient and effective manner, and in accordance with regulations and procedures from the Ministry of Education.
Human resource refers to staff and student administration, attendance, allocation of duty to staff and monitoring of students’ academic progress, discipline and staff appraisal.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) refers to technologies that are used for accessing, gathering, manipulating and presenting or communicating information.
School management team refers to the principal, deputy principal, heads of department and the Board of Management who are responsible for mong other duties, supervision and implementation of curriculum, human resource and finance.

School-community relations refers to formal or informal interaction between educational institution and the section of the public with interest in the school who have some common interstest in what is going on in the school. It has the dual purpose of obtaining and maintaining community support for school programmes.

School management team refers to the principal, deputy principal and heads of department who are responsible for matters pertaining to running of the school including supervision and implementation of curriculum and instruction, human resource and finance. 

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