Teachers Pay: TSC releases teachers July salaries, money to hit accounts by Saturday

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TSC has released teachers' July salaries

 including an increase agreed upon in 2016, and promised the money will be in their accounts from Saturday.

Kamotho Kihumba, the commission's head of communications, said the money has been wired to banks where teachers have salary accounts.

Kihumba said pay for all 312,060 teachers has been aligned with the new grading structure and individually placed on new pay points.

"The payroll has been run and pay slips uploaded on the online platform for access by teachers," he said in a statement on Friday.

Kihumba noted the pay is also in line with teachers' CBA and the implementation matrix agreed by the TSC and unions.

"In addition to the new salary structure, teachers will continue drawing all the applicable allowances," he said.

The salary adjustments affect teachers belonging to the Kenya Union of Teachers and Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers.

KNUT and KUPPET signes individual CBAs

The two unions signed individual CBAs with TSC to cover the period between 2017 –2021.

The Sh54 billion CBA will be implemented in two phases following negotiations between TSC and Treasury that reviewed the previous implementation plan of four phases.

The communications head said the next phase, that will affect 156,000 teachers in lower grades, will commence on July 1 next year.

The final phase for teachers in higher grades will see salaries paid out on July 1, 2020.

“TSC would like to thank teachers for their patience and understanding during the negotiation and implementation process,” Kihumba said.

The new pay structure has grades B5, C1- C5 and D1 - D5. B5 is the lowest grade, C1-C5 mid level while D1-D5 are the highest grades.

Previously, teachers were graded in Job Groups G, H, J, K, L, M, N, P, Q and R.

The P1 grade was abolished and teachers in Job Group G upgraded to Job Group B5 (former Job Group H) while those in Job Group H will move to Grade C1 (former Job Group J.)

Lowest Pay

The lowest paid teacher in grade B5 will earn between Sh21,756 and Sh27,195 up from the previous Sh16,672 and Sh21,304.

Teachers in grade C1-C5 will earn between Sh27,195 to Sh33,994 up from Sh19,323 to Sh26,442.

The highest paid teachers (grade D1-D5) will now earn between Sh131,380 and Sh157,656 up from a previous salary scale of between Sh109,089 and Sh144,928.

School principals, their deputies and senior teachers fall in this category.

Salaries are pegged on responsibilities and accountability

Their salaries are pegged on responsibilities and accountability rather than academic qualification.

This means a teacher who holds a Masters degree can earn less than a teacher with a degree or certificate but holds an administrative position.

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