Teacher Tabichi students win United Nations Sustainable Development Goal Award - Keriko Day Secondary School ksh 200000

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A Sh100 project showcased by two students from Keriko Day Secondary School in Nakuru has scooped the first United Nations Sustainable Development Goal Award.

The students were coached by 2019 Global Teacher Award Winner Peter Tabichi.

The research project was presented during this year’s global science fair in the US.

The Essameter project was presented by Esther Amimo and Salome Njeri.

The award ceremony was sponsored by the United Nations Scientific and Cultural Organisation.

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More than 1,800 student finalists from 75 countries competed.

Keriko secondary school won Sh200,000, among other rewards.

The project, Essameter representing the initials of the two girls-Esther and Salome, was last year ranked top in the 56th Kenya National Science and Engineering fair under Mathematics category.

The project, whose materials only costed Sh100, helps the visually impaired and the deaf solve mathematical problems.

“It is a simple project where one can measure distance in a simplified manner,” Esther Amimo said.

Salome Njeri said,  “It was not expensive because we had almost all materials sourced from school and our homes. We wanted to come up with a project that will bring on board people with disabilities.”

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Tabichi said the project received accolades for its outstanding research and perfect presentation by the students.

“For a day school in remote areas to stand in the global stage and be feted for innovative ideas is an inspiration to millions across the globe,” he said.

Keriko Secondary School head teacher Daniel Mwariri said the school participated for the first time on an international stage.

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