Swahili Proverbs Methali Za Kiswahili Na Maana Zake Pdf

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swahili proverbs: methali za kiswahili

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Meaning: Slow, slow is the way to go/slowness is the better locomotion.
Application: Being steady and keen is important when performing given tasks.

Meaning: Hurry, hurry, has no blessings.
Application: More haste less speed. It is important to do a given assignment well and not to hurry for the sake of completing it.

Meaning: The remedy for fire is fire.
Application: Tit for tat. Tough situations require bold decisions and leadership.

Methali: MTU NI WATU
Meaning: A person is people.
Application: No man is an island. Every person needs the company/help of others.

Meaning: Nine is near ten.
Application: Never give up when you are about to complete a task or nearing the end.

Meaning: Intelligence is an asset.
Application: Knowledge can be used to better ones life.
Meaning: Little by little fills up the measure.
Application: Great investments are borne out of small savings. A great journey is begun by a single mile.

Meaning: Anger brings damage.
Application: Prudence is important in decision making.

Meaning: The child of a snake is a snake.
Application: Like father like son. The apple does not fall away from its tree. Good behavior is learnt and a child learns what he lives.

Meaning: Habit is a skin.
Application: It is difficult to change ones habits/ character.

Meaning: He who does not listen to elder’s advice gets his leg broken.
Application: It is important to take advice in life.

Meaning: Even he who has not many troubles has a few.
Application: Every person has his/her shortfalls.

Meaning: After hardship comes relief.
Application: Every cloud has a silver lining. Hardships do not last forever. It is important to have hope when faced with challenges.

Meaning: A step-father/adoptive father is not a father.
Application: There is a firm belief that step-fathers are unkind and cruel to their step-children.

Meaning: Clouds are the sign of rain.
Application: Morning shows the day as childhood shows the man. Coming events cast their shadows before. No smoke without fire.

Meaning: Blood is thicker than water.
Application: It is important to keep family ties/family ties last forever.

Meaning: Follow bees that you may eat honey.
Application: If you want to progress, it is important to associate with progress-minded people.

Meaning: A secret is no secret when shared by two people.
Application: Three can keep a secret, if two are dead. Confidential information should not be shared.

Meaning: Where there’s a will there’s a way.
Application: Determination pays/leads to success.

Meaning: Unity is Strength.
Application: There is strength in numbers. More things can be achieved if all those involved work together or cooperate.

Meaning: That which eats you is in your clothing.
Application: It is possible to be harmed by those you trust or your close friends. Your enemies are amongst your friends.

Meaning: Every door has its own key.
Application: Every problem has its solution.

Meaning: Prolonged silence has a strong bang.
Application: Lack of communication is a sign of strained relations.

Meaning: To live long is to see much.
Application: Experience comes with age.

Meaning: Borrowing is like a wedding, repaying is like mourning.
Application: It is good to honor your debts/keep your word.

Meaning: To loose the way is to learn the way.
Application: Making mistakes is part of learning/practice makes perfect.

Meaning: Eyes have no screens, they see all that is within view.
Application: Don't expect people not to see what they want to see.

Meaning: Rice is all one, but there are many ways of cooking it.
Application: It’s the cooking that counts. There are different ways/approaches of addressing/solving problems.

Meaning: Fire does not beget fire (because in the end, all it begets is ash).
Application: Character is formed and not inherited or imitated.

Meaning: He who sows in a disorderly fashion will eat likewise.
Application: As you sow so shall you reap/ you reap what you sow.

Meaning: A patient man will eat ripe fruits.
Application: Patience pays/patience will be rewarded.

Meaning: He who requires what is under the bed must stoop for it.
Application: Hard work pays and nothing comes for free in life/you have to do whatever is necessary in order to achieve a goal).

Meaning: He who desires all, misses all.
Application: Grasp all, lose all. Do not try to achieve too many goals at once.

Meaning: When a child cries for a razor, give it to him/her
Application: A burnt child dreads fire. Children learn from experience/or what they live.

Meaning: One who looks to his brother for his maintenance will die a destitute.
Application: Financial security/prosperity in life is earned and not inherited.

Meaning: A noisy person is harmless.
Application: Much cry little wolf; or His bark is worse than his bite.

Meaning: Let a strong man pass.
Application: Brain is better than a brawl. Give way to a strong person. You cannot fight those who are stronger than you.

Meaning: Wait a minute! Wait a minute! harms the stomach.
Application: Time and tide waits for no man. Procrastination can ruin job performance.

Meaning: The way of a liar is short (i.e. he soon comes to grief).
Application: Short cuts are dangerous in life. Honesty is important in life.

Meaning: A thief’s days are forty.
Application: You cannot fool everyone. You cannot play tricks forever, sooner or later you will be caught

Adhabu ya kaburi aijua maiti, The torture of the grave is only known by the corpse
Akiba haiozi, A reserve will not decay
Asifuye mvuwa imemnyea. He who praises rain has been rained on.
Akili nyingi huondowa maarifa. Great wit drives away wisdom
Asiye kubali kushindwa si mshindani.He who does not admit defeat is not a sportsmankiswahili
Atangaye na jua hujuwa. He who wonders around in the day a lot, learns a lot
Asiye kuwapo na lake halipo.If you are absent you lose your share
Avumaye baharini papa kumbe wengi wapo.Shark is the famous one in sea the but there are many others
Baada ya dhiki faraja.After hardship comes relief.
Baniani mbaya kiatu chake dawa. An evil Indian but his business is good.
Bendera hufuata upepo. A flag follows the direction of the wind.
Bilisi wa mtu ni mtu.The evil spirit of a man is a man.
Chamlevi huliwa na mgema.The drunkard’s money is being consumed by palm-wine trapper.
Chanda chema huvikwa pete.A handsome finger gets the ring.
Chombo cha kuzama hakina usukani. A sinking vessel needs no navigation.
Chovya – chovya yamaliza buyu la asali. Constant dipping will empty gourd of honey
Dalili ya mvua mawingu. Clouds are the sign of rain
Damu nzito kuliko maji. Blood is thicker than water
Dawa ya moto ni moto. The remedy of fire is fire
Dua la kuku halimpati mwewe. The curse of the fowl does not bother the kite.
Fadhila ya punda ni mateke. Gratitude of a donkey is a kick.
Fimbo ya mbali hayiuwi nyoka. A weapon which you don’t have in hand wont kill a snake.mapenzi_420
Fuata nyuki ule asali.Follow bees and you will get honey
Fumbo mfumbe mjinga mwerevu huligangua.Put a riddle to a fool a clever person will solve it
Ganda la mua la jana chungu kaona kivuno.The skin of yesterday’s sugarcane is a harvest to an ant.
Haba na haba hujaza kibaba.Little by little fills up the measure.
Hapana marefu yasio na mwisho.They is no distance that has no end.
Hakuna siri ya watu wawili.They is no secret between two people.
Haraka haraka haina baraka.Hurry hurry has no blessings
Hasira, hasara.Anger brings loss(Damage)
Heri kufa macho kuliko kufa moyo.It is better to lose your eyes than to lose your heart.
Heri kujikwa kidole kuliko ulimi.Better to stumble with toe than tongue.
Hiari ya shinda utumwa.Voluntary is better than force.
Hucheka kovu asiye kuwa na jeraha.He laughs at scar who has received no wound.
Ihsani (hisani)haiozi.Kindness does not go rotten.
Ikiwa hujui kufa,tazama kaburi.If you don’t know death look at the grave.
Jina jema hungara gizani.A good name shines in the dark.
Jino la pembe si dawa ya pengo.An ivory tooth is not cure for the lost tooth.
Jitihadi haiondoi kudura. Effort will not counter faith.
Jogoo la shamba haliwiki mjini. The village cock does not crow in town.
Kafiri akufaye si Isilamu asiyekufa.An infidel who does you good turn is not like a Muslim who does not
Kamba hukatika pabovu. A rope parts where it is thinnest.
Kanga hazai ugenini.A guine- fowl not lay eggs on strange places
Kawaida ni kama sheria.Usage is like law
Kawia ufike.Better delay and get there.
Kazi mbaya siyo mchezo mwema.A bad job is not as worthless as a good gameprov
Kelele za mlango haziniwasi usingizi.The creaking of the door deprives me of no sleep.
Kenda karibu na kumi.Nine is near ten.
Kiburi si maungwana.Arrogance is not gentlemanly.
Kichango kuchangizana.Everyone should contribute when collection is made.
Kidole kimoja hakivunji chawa.One finger cannot kill a louse.
Kingiacho mjini si haramu.That is fashionable in town is never prohibited.
Kikulacho ki nguoni mwako.That which eats you up is in your clothing.
Kila chombo kwa wimblile.Every vessel has its own waves
Kila mlango na ufunguwo wake.Every door with its own key
Kila mtoto na koja lake.To every child his own neck ornament
Kila mwamba ngoma ,ngozi huivuta kwake.Every who stretches a skin on a drum,pulls the skin own his own side.
Kila ndege huruka na mbawa zake.Every bird flies with its own wings.
Kilio huanza mfiwa ndipo wa mbali wakaingia.The bereaved begins the wailing latter others join.
Kimya kingi kina mshindo mkubwa.Along silence followed by mighty noise.
Kinga na kinga ndipo moto uwakapo.One fire brand after another keeps fire burning.
Kinyozi hajinyoi.A barber does not shave himself.
Kinywa ni jumba la maneno.Mouth is the home of words.
Kipendacho moyo ni dawa.What the heart desires is medicine to it.
Kipya kinyemi ingawa kidonda. A new thing is a sauce of joy even if is sore.
Kisebusebu na roho kipapo.Refusing and wanting at the same time.
Kisokula mlimwengu,sera nale.what is not eaten by a man,let the devil eat it.
Kitanda usicho kilala hujui kunguni wake.You cannot know the bugs of a bed that you have not lain on.
Kivuli cha fimbo hakimfichi mtu jua.Shadow of a stick cannot protect one from the sun.
Kiwi cha yule ni chema cha;hata ulimwengu uwishe. The blindness of that one is his good fortune
Kizuri chajiuza kibaya chajitembeza.A good thing sells it self a bad one advertises it self
Konzo ya maji haifumbatiki. A handfull of water can not be grasped.
Kosa moja haliachi mke.One fault does not warrant divorce of a wife
Kozi mwandada ,kulala na njaa kupenda.A goshawk is an egg child,if sleeps hungry its his own fault.
Kuagiza kufyekeza. ie One eye of a master sees more than four of a servant.
Kuambizana kuko kusikilizana hapana.Giving advice but no one listens.
Kucha M’ngu si kilemba cheupe.The fear of God is not wearing a white turban.
Kuchamba kwingi,kuondoka na mavi.Leave well alone! You wont improve matters by going on tinkering
Kufa kufaana.Death has its advantages too i.e. it benefits those who inherit.
Kufa kwa jamaa, harusi.The death of not a relative is a wedding.Compared to a death of a relative
Kufa kwa mdomo,mate hutawanyika.When the head of the family dies,that family breaks up.Kiswahili..
Kuishi kwingi ni kuona mengi. To live long is to see much.
Kujikwa si kuanguka,bali ni kwenda mbele.To stumble is not falling down but it is to go forward.
Kukopa harusi kulipa matanga.Borrowing is like a wedding ,repaying is like mourning.
Kuku havunji yai lake.A hen does not break her own eggs.
Kuku mgeni hakosi kamba mguuni.A new fowl always has string around its legs.
Kula kutamu ,kulima mavune.Eating is sweet ,digging is weariness.
Kulea mimba si kazi kazi kulea mwana.It is not hard to nurse a pregnancy,but it is hard to bring up a child.
Kunako matanga kume kufa mtu.Where they is mourning someone has died.
Kunguru mwoga hukimbiza mbawa zake.The timid crow withdraws his wings from harm.
Kupanda mchongoma ,kushuka ngoma.You may climb a thorn tree,and be unable to come down.
Kupoteya njia ndiyo kujua njia.To get lost is to learn the way.
Kutoa ni moyo usambe ni utajiri.Charity is the matter of the heart not of the pocket.
Kutu kuu ni la mgeni.Old rust is for the stranger.
Kuzima koleo si mwisho wa uhunzi.Cooling the tongs is not end of forging.
Kwa mwoga huenda kicheko na kwa shujaa huenda kilio.i.e.timidity often ends in a laugh, bravado in a lament.
Kwenda mbio siyo kufika.To run is not necessarily to arrive.
Kwenye miti hakuna wajenzi.Where there trees,there are no builders.
La kuvunda(kuvunja) halina rubani. A vessel running guard has no captain.
La kuvunda (kuvunja)halina ubani.There is no incense for something rotting.

1. Aanguaye huanguliwa.
2. Asiye sikia la mkuu, huvunjika guu.
3. Abebwaye hujikaza.
4. Adhabu ya kaburi aijuae maiti.
5. Adui aangukapo, mnyanyue.
6. Adui mpende.
7. Adui wa mtu ni mtu.
8. Afadhali ya Musa kuliko ya Firauna.
9. Ahadi ni deni.
10. Ajidhaniaye amesimama, aangalie asianguke.
11. Akiba haiozi.
12. Akili ni mali.
13. Akili ni nywele kila mtu ana zake.
14. Akili nyingi huondowa maarifa.
15. Akutukanae hakuchagulii tusi.
16. Akipenda chongo huita kengeza.
17. Akufaae kwa dhiki, ndiye rafiki.
18. Akufanyiaye ubaya, mlipe wema.
19. Akupaye kisogo si mwenzio.
20. Akutendaye mtende, mche asiyekutenda.
21. Alisifuye jua, limeuangaza.
22. Aliye juu msubiri chini.
23. Aliye kando, haangukiwi na mti.
24. Aliye kupa wewe kiti (kibao) ndiye aliye nipa mimi kumbi.
25. Aliye kutwika, ndiye atakaye kutua.
26. Akufukuzae hakwambii toka.
27. Aliyekupa mkeka ndiye aliyenipa kumbesa.
28. Amani haipatikani mpaka kwa ncha ya upanga.
29. Ana hasira za mkizi.
30. Anayekuja pasi na hodi, huondoka bila ya kuaga.
31. Angurumapo simba, mcheza ni nani?
32. Aninyimaye mbazi kanipunguzia mashuzi.
33. Apewaye ndiye aongezwaye.
34. Anaejipiga mwenyewe, halii.
35. Asifuye mvuwa imemnyea.
36. Asiye kubali kushindwa si mshindani.
37. Asiye kujua, hakuthamini.
38. Asiye kuwapo na lake halipo.
39. Asiye lelewa na mamae hulelewa na ulimwengu.
40. Asiye na mengi, ana machache.
41. Asiye uliza, hanalo ajifunzalo.
42. Asiyejua maana, haambiwi maana.
43. Atangaye na jua hujuwa.
44. Atangazaye mirimo, si mwana wa ruwari (Liwali).
45. Atekaye maji mtoni hatukani mamba.
46. Avumaye baharini papa kumbe wengi wapo.
47. Baada ya dhiki faraja.
48. Bahari hailindwi.
49. Bamba na waume ni bamba, hakuna bamba la mume.
50. Bandu bandu huisha gogo.
51. Baniani mbaya, kiatu chake dawa.
52. Bendera hufuata upepo.
53. Biashara asubuhi.
54. Bilisi wa mtu ni mtu.
55. Bora kinga kuliko tiba.
56. Bora lawama kuliko fedheha.
57. Bora mchawi kuliko fitina.
58. Biashara asubuhi.
59. Bora nusu shari kuliko shari kamili.
60. Bwawa limeingia ruba.
61. Cha mtu mavi.
62. Chaka la samba, halilali nguruwe.
63. Chamlevi huliwa na mgema.
64. Chanda chema huvikwa pete.
65. Chelewa chelewa, utakuta mtoto si wako.
66. Choko mchokoe pweza, binaadamu hutomuweza.
67. Chombo cha kuzama hakina usukani.
68. Chovya – chovya yamaliza buyu la asali.
69. Chui hakumbatiwi.
70. Chururu si ndo ndo ndo.
71. Dalili ya mvua mawingu.
72. Damu nzito kuliko maji.
73. Daraja livuke ulifikapo.
74. Dawa ya moto ni moto.
75. Daraja ukilibomoa, ujue kuogelea.
76. Dau la mnyonge haliendi joshi, likienda joshi ni matakwa ya Mungu.
77. Dawa ya moto ni moto.
78. Donda ndugu halina dawa.
79. Dua ya kuku haimpati mwewe.
80. Fadhila huna, hata hisani hukumbuki?
81. Fadhila ya nyuki ni moto.
82. Fadhila ya punda ni mateke (mashuz)
83. Fahari ya macho haifilisi duka.
84. Farasi hamuwawezi, tembo mtawalishani?
85. Fata nyuki ule asali.
86. Fimbo ya mbali haiui nyoka.
87. Fumbo mfumbe mjinga, mwerevu huligangua.
88. Funika kombe mwanakharamu apite.
89. Ganda la mua la jana, chungu kaona kivuno.
90. Gome la udi, si la mnuka uvundo.
91. Haba na haba, hujaza kibaba.
92. Haki ya mtu hailiki.
93. Hakuna masika yaso mbu.
94. Hakuna msiba usio na mwenziwe.
95. Hakuna siri ya watu wawili.
96. Hakuna ziada mbovu.
97. Hala hala mti na macho.
98. Hamadi ni ilio kibindoni, na silaha ni iliyo mkononi.
99. Hapana marefu yasio na mwisho.
100. Haraka haraka haina baraka.
101. haraka haraka haina baraka.
102. Haramu yako halali kwa mwenzio.
103. Hasidi hasada.
104. Hasidi mbaya.
105. Hasira, hasara.
106. Hatua ndefu hufupisha mwendo.
107. Hauchi hauchi, unakucha.
108. Hayawi hayawi, mara huwa.
109. Heri kufa macho kuliko kufa moyo.
110. Heri kujikwa kidole kuliko ulimi.
111. Heri nitakula na nini?, kuliko nitakula nini?
112. Heri ya marama kuliko kuzama.
113. Hiari ya shinda utumwa.
114. Hogo halihogoki mpaka kwa hogo jenziwe.
115. Hucheka kovu asiye kuwa na jeraha.
116. Ila ya kikwapa, kunuka pasipo kidonda.
117. Yaliyoopita si ndwele, ganga yajayo.
118. Iliyo jaa ndiyo ipunguzwayo.
119. Imara ya jembe kaingojee shambani.
120. Jambo usilolijua, usiku wa giza.
121. Jina jema hungara gizani.
122. Jini likujualo halikuli likakwisha.
123. Jino la pembe si dawa ya pengo.
124. Jitihada haiondoi kudura.
125. Jitihadi haiondoi kudura.
126. Jogoo la shamba haliwiki mjini.
127. Jungu kuu, halikosi ukoko.
128. Jununu fununu.
129. Kafiri akufaaye, si muislamu asiye kufaa
130. Kafiri akufaye si Isilamu asiyekufa.
131. Kama hujui kufa,tazama kaburi.
132. Kama wewe wasema cha nini, mwezio asema nitakipata lini.
133. Kamba hukatika pabovu.
134. Kanga hazai ugenini.
135. Kawaida ni kama sheria.
136. Kawia ufike.
137. Kazi mbaya siyo mchezo mwema.
138. Kelele za chura hazimzuwii ng’ombe kunywa maji.
139. Kelele za mlango haziniwasi usingizi (Kelele za mlango hazimuudhi mwenye nyumba)
140. Kenda karibu na kumi.
141. Kesho kesho, kesho kiama.
142. Kiburi si maungwana.
143. Kibuzi na kibuzi hununua jahazi.
144. Kichango kuchangizana.
145. Kidole kimoja hakivunji chawa.
146. Kikulacho ki nguoni mwako.
147. Kikushindacho kukila usikitie ila.
148. Kila chombo kwa wimblile.
149. Kila mbwa hubwekea mlangoni kwao.
150. Kila mlango na ufunguwo wake.
151. Kila mtoto na koja lake.
152. Kila mtu huzikwa na kaburi lake.
153. Kila mtu na bahati yake.
154. Kila mwamba ngoma ,ngozi huivuta kwake.
155. Kila mtu hulilia mamae.
156. Kila ndege huruka kwa ubawa wake.
157. Kila shetani na mbuyu wake.
158. Kilimia kikizama kwa jua, huzuka kwa mvua, na kikizama kwa mvua, huzuka kwa jua.
159. Kilio huanza mfiwa ndipo wa mbali wakaingia.
160. Kimya kingi kina mshindo mkubwa.
161. Kinga na kinga ndipo moto uwakapo.
162. Kingiacho mjini si haramu.
163. Kinyozi hajinyoi.
164. Kinywa ni jumba la maneno.
165. Kipendacho moyo dawa.
166. Kipofu hasahau mkongojo wake.
167. Kipya kinyemi ingawa kidonda.
168. Kisebusebu na kiroho papo.
169. Kisokula mlimwengu, sera nale.
170. Kisokula mlimwengu,sera nale.
171. Kisu kimenifika mfupani.
172. Kitanda usicho kilalia hukijui kunguni wake.
173. Kitumbua kimeingia mchanga.
174. Kivuli cha fimbo hakimfichi mtu jua.
175. Kiwi cha yule ni chema cha; hata ulimwengu uwishe.
176. Kizuri chajiuza kibaya chajitembeza.
177. Konzi ya maji, haifumbatiki.
178. Konzo ya maji haifumbatiki.
179. Kosa moja haliachi mke.
180. Kozi mwandada, kulala na njaa kupenda.
181. Kuagiza kufyekeza.
182. Kuambizana kuko kusikilizana hapana.
183. Kucha M’ngu si kilemba cheupe.
184. Kuchamba kwingi, kuondoka na mavi.
185. Kufa kufaana.
186. Kufa kwa jamaa, harusi.
187. Kufa kwa mdomo,mate hutawanyika.
188. Kufanaya kosa sio kosa, kosa ni kurudia kosa.
189. Kuishi kwingi, kuona mengi.
190. Kujikwa si kuanguka,bali ni kwenda mbele.
191. Kujikwaa si kuanguka, bali ni kwenda mbele.
192. Kukopa harusi kulipa matanga.
193. Kukopa harusi, kulipa matanga.
194. Kuku havunji yai lake.
195. Kuku mgeni hakosi kamba mguuni.
196. Kula kutamu ,kulima mavune.
197. Kulea mimba si kazi kazi kulea mwana.
198. Kukopa harusi, kulipa matanga.
199. Kumuashia taa kipofu ni kuharibu mafuta.
200. Kunako matanga kume kufa mtu.
201. Kunguru mwoga hukimbiza mbawa zake.
202. Kupanda mchongoma, kushuka ndio ngoma.
203. Kupata si werevu, na kukosa si ujinga.
204. Kupoteya njia ndiyo kujua njia.
205. Kurambaramba ndio kula, kunenepa kwake Mola.
206. Kusikia si kuona.
207. Kutangulia si kufika.
208. Kutoa ni moyo usambe ni utajiri.
209. Kutu kuu ni la mgeni.
210. Kuugua sio kufa.
211. Kuvuja kwa pakacha nafuu ya mchukuzi.
212. Kuzima koleo si mwisho wa uhunzi.
213. Kwa mwoga huenda kicheko na kwa shujaa huenda kilio.
214. Kweli ilio chungu, si uongo ulio mtamu.
215. Kwenda mbio siyo kufika.
216. Kwenye miti hakuna wajenzi.
217. La kuvunda halina rubani.
218. La kuvunda halina ubani.
219. Lake mtu halimtapishi bali humchefua.
220. Leo kwako, kesho kwa mwenzio.
221. Leo ni leo asemayo kesho ni mwongo.
222. Liandikwalo ndiyo liwalo.
223. Lila na fila hazitangamani.
224. Lipitalo, hupishwa .
225. Lisemwalo lipo,ikiwa halipo laja.
226. Lisilo na mkoma, hujikoma lilo.
227. Lisilokuwapo moyoni, halipo machoni.
228. Maafuu hapatilizwi.
229. Macho hayana pazia.
230. Mafahali wawili hawakai zizi moja.
231. Maiti haulizwi sanda.
232. Maji hayapandi mlima.
233. Maji hufuata mkondo.
234. Maji ukiyavuliya nguo huna budi kuyaoga.
235. Maji usiyoyafika hujui wingi wake.
236. Maji ya kifuu, bahari ya chungu.
237. Maji yakijaa hupwa.
238. Maji yakimwagika hayazoleki.
239. Maji yamenifika shingoni.
240. Majuto ni mjukuu.
241. Mali ya bahili huliwa na wadudu.
242. Mama ni mama, hata kama ni rikwama.
243. Mama nipe radhi kuishi na watu kazi.
244. Mambo kunga.
245. Manahodha wengi chombo huenda mrama.
246. Maneno makali hayavunji mfupa.
247. Maneno mazuri humtowa nyoka pangoni.
248. Maneno si mkuki.
249. Mapenzi ni kikohozi, hayawezi kufichika.
250. Masikini akipata matako hulia mbwata.
251. Masikini haokoti,akiokota huambiwa kaiba.
252. Masikini na mwanawe tajiri na mali yake.
253. Maskini hana kinyongo.
254. Mavi usioyala, wayawingiani kuku?
255. Mavi ya kale hayanuki.
256. Mbinu hufuata mwendo.
257. Mbio za sakafuni huishia ukingoni.
258. Mbiu ya mgambo ikilia kuna jambo.
259. Mchagua jembe si mkulima.
260. Mchagua nazi hupata koroma.
261. Mchagua nazi si mfuaji.
262. Mchakacho ujao,halulengwi na jiwe.
263. Mchama ago hanyeli,huenda akauya papo.
264. Mchamba kwingi mara ujitia dole.
265. Mcheka kilema hafi bila kumpata.
266. Mchele mmoja mapishi mengi.
267. Mchelea mwana kulia hulia yeye..
268. Mcheza hawi kiwete, ngoma yataka matao.
269. Mcheza kwao hutuzwa.
270. Mcheza na tope humrukia.
271. Mchezea mavi, hayaachi kumnuka.
272. Mchezea zuri, baya humfika.
273. Mchimba kisima hungia mwenyewe.
274. Mchonga mwiko hukimbiza mkono wake.
275. Mchuma janga hula na wakwao.
276. Mchumia juani,hulia kivulini.
277. Mdharau biu, hubiuka yeye.
278. Mdharau mwiba humchoma.
279. Meno ya mbwa hayaumani.
280. Mfa maji haachi kutapatapa.
281. Mfa maji hukamata maji.
282. Mficha uchi hazai.
283. Mfinyazi hulia gaeni.
284. Mfuata nyuki hakosi asali.
285. Mfukuzwa kwao hana pakwenda.
286. Mgaagaa na upwa hali ugari kande.
287. Mganga hajigangi.
288. Mgema akisifiwa tembo hulitia maji.
289. Mgeni ni kuku mweupe.
290. Mgeni njoo mwenyeji apone.
291. Mgomba haushindwi na mkunguwe.
292. Mgonjwa haulizwi uji.
293. Miye nyumba ya udongo, sihimili vishindo.
294. Mjinga akierevuka mwerevu yupo mashakani.
295. Mjinga mpe kilemba utamuona mwendowe.
296. Mjumbe hauawi.
297. Mkaidi hafaidi mpaka siku ya idi.
298. Mkamatwa na ngozi ndiye mwizi.
299. Mkamia maji hayanywi.
300. Mkamia maji hayanywi.
301. Mkataa la mkuu huvunjika guu.
302. Mkataa wengi ni mchawi.
303. Mkataa ya Musa hupata ya Firauna.
304. Mke ni nguo, mgomba kupalilia.
305. Mkono moja hauchinji ng’ombe.
306. Mkono moja haulei mwana.
307. Mkono mtupu haulambwi.
308. Mkono usioweza kuukata,ubusu.
309. Mkosa kitoweo humangiria.
310. Mkuki kwa nguruwe, kwa mwanadamu uchungu.
311. Mkulima ni mmoja walaji ni wengi.
312. Mla cha mwenziwe na chake huliwa.
313. Mla cha uchungu na tamu hakosi.
314. Mla kuku wa mwenziwe miguu humwelekea.
315. Mla mbuzi hulipa ngombe.
316. Mla mla leo mla jana kala nini?
317. Mla nawe hafi nawe ila mzaliwa nawe.
318. Mlala na maiti haachi kulia lia.
319. Mlenga jiwe kundini hajui limpataye.
320. Mlimbua nchi ni mwananchi.
321. Mnyamaa kadumbu.
322. Mnywa maji kwa mkono mmoja,Kiu yake i pale pale.
323. Moja shika, si kumi nenda urudi.
324. Moto hauzai moto.
325. Mpanda farasi wawili hupasuka msamba.
326. Mpanda ngazi hushuka.
327. Mpanda ovyo hula ovyo.
328. Mpemba akipata gogo hanyii chini.
329. Mpemba hakimbii mvua ndogo.
330. Mpende akupendae asiyekupenda achana naye.
331. Mpiga ngumi ukuta huumiza mkonowe.
332. Mpofuka ukongweni,hapotewi na njia.
333. Msafiri kafiri.
334. Msafiri masikini ajapokuwa sultani.
335. Msasi haogopi mwiba.
336. Msema kweli hukimbiwa na rafiki zake.
337. Msema pweke hakosi.
338. Mshika kisu, hashiki makalini.
339. Mshale kwenda msituni haukupotea.
340. Mshoni hachagui nguo.
341. Msi bahati, habahatishi.
342. Msi mbele, hana nyuma.
343. Msishukuru mja, hamshukuru Molawe.
344. Msitukane wagema na ulevi ungalipo.
345. Msitukane wakunga na uzazi ungalipo.
346. Mstahimilivu hula mbivu.
347. Mtaka cha mvunguni sharti ainame.
348. Mtaka lake hasindwi.
349. Mtaka nyingi nasaba hupata mwingi msiba.
350. Mtaka unda haneni.
351. Mtaka uzuri hudhurika.
352. Mtaka yote hukosa yote.
353. Mtegemea nundu haachi kunona.
354. mtegemea nundu, haachi konona.
355. Mtego bila ya chambo, haunasi.
356. Mtembezi hula miguu yake.
357. Mteuzi heshi tamaa.
358. Mti hauwendi ila kwa nyenzo.
359. Mtondoo haufi maji.
360. Mtoto akililia wembe mpe.
361. Mtoto umleyavyo ndivyo akuavyo.
362. Mtoto wa nyoka ni nyoka.
363. Mtu hakatai mwito,hukata aitwalo.
364. Mtu hujikuna ajipatapo.
365. Mtu huulizwa amevaani ,haulizwi amekulani.
366. Mtumai cha ndugu hufa masikini.
367. Mtumi wa kunga haambiwi maana.
368. Mtumikie kafiri upate mradi wako.
369. Mtupa jongoo hutupa na mti wake.
370. Muhitaji khanithi walau kana rijaali.
371. Muiba yai leo kesho hua mwizi wa ng’ombe.
372. Mume wa mama ni baba.
373. Mungu hamfichi mnafiki.
374. Mungu si asumani.
375. Muonja asali haonji mara moja.
376. Muuza sanda, mauti kwake harusi.
377. Mvua nguo, huchutama.
378. Mvumbika changa hula mbovu.
379. Mvumbika pevu hula mbivu na mvumbika changa hula mbovu.
380. Mvungu mkeka.
381. Mvunja nchi ni mwananchi.
382. Mvuvi ajuwa pweza alipo.
383. Mwacha asili ni mtumwa.
384. Mwamba na wako hukutuma umwambiye.
385. Mwamini Mungu si mtovu.
386. Mwana maji wa kwale kufa maji mazowea.
387. Mwana mkuwa nawe ni mwenzio kama wewe.
388. Mwana simba ni simba.The child of lion is a lion.
389. Mwana wa kuku hafunzwi kuchakura.
390. Mwana wa mtu ni kizushi, akizuka, zuka naye.
391. Mwanga mpe mtoto kulea.
392. Mwangaza mbili moja humponyoka.
393. Mwanzo kokochi mwisho nazi.
394. Mwanzo wa chanzo ni chane mbili.
395. Mwanzo wa ngoma ni lele.
396. Mwapiza la nje hupata la ndani.
397. Mwekaji kisasi haambiwi mwerevu.
398. Mwenda bure si mkaa bure,huenda akaokota.
399. Mwenda mbio hujikwa kidole.
400. Mwenda omo na tezi marejeo ni ngamani.
401. Mwenda pole hajikwai.
402. Mwenda wazimu hapewi panga.
403. Mwenda wazimu hapoi, bali hupata nafuu.
404. Mwenye haja hwenda chooni.
405. Mwenye kelele hana neno.
406. Mwenye kovu usidhani kapowa.
407. Mwenye kubebwa hujikaza.
408. Mwenye kuchinja hachelei kuchuna.
409. Mwenye kuumwa na nyoka akiona jani hushtuka.
410. Mwenye macho haambiwi tazama.
411. Mwenye mdomo hapotei.
412. Mwenye nguvu mpishe.
413. Mwenye njaa hana miko.
414. Mwenye pupa hadiriki kula tamu.
415. Mwenye shibe hamjui mwenye njaa.
416. Mwenye shoka hakosi kuni.
417. Mwenye tumbo ni tumbole, angafunga mkaja.
418. Mwenzako akinyolewa wewe tia maji.
419. Mwibaji na watwana, mlifi ni mwungwana.
420. Mwili wa mwenzio ni kando ya mwilio.
421. Mwizi hushikwa na mwizi mwenziwe.
422. Mwomba chumvi huombea chunguche.
423. Mwosha hadhuru maiti.
424. Mwosha huoshwa.
425. Mwosha husitiri maiti.
426. Mzaha,mzaha, mara hutumbuka usaha.
427. Mzazi haachi ujusi.
428. Mzigo usiouweza unaubebea nini?
429. Mzigo Wa mwenzio ni kanda Ia usufi.
430. Mzika pembe ndiye mzua pembe.
431. Mzowea kutwaa, kutoa ni vita.
432. Mzowea vya kunyonga, vya kuchinja haviwezi.
433. Mzungu Wa kula hafundishwi mwana.
434. Nahodha wengi, chombo huenda mrama.
435. Nani kama mama?
436. Natuone ndipo twambe, kusikia Si kuona.
437. Nazi haishindani na jiwe.
438. Nazi mbovu harabu ya nzima.
439. Ndege mjanja hunaswa na tundu bovu.
440. Ndege mwigo hana mazowea.
441. Ndevu sio shani, hata beberu anazo.
442. Ndugu chungu, jirani mkungu.
443. Ndugu mwui afadhali kuwa naye.
444. Ndugu wakigombana, chukua jembe ukalime, wakipatana chukua kikapu ukavune.
445. Ngoja! ngoja? huumiza matumbo.
446. Ngoma ivumayo haidumu.
447. Ngoma ivumayo haikawii kupasuka.
448. Ngoma ya kitoto, haikeshi.
449. Ng’ombe avunjikapo guu hurejea zizini.
450. Ng’ombe haelemewi na nunduye.
451. Ngombe wa Maskini hazai.
452. Ngozi ivute ili maji. ( Udongo upate uli maji )
453. Nguo ya kuazima, Haistiri matako.
454. Nia njema ni tabibu, nia mbaya huharibu.
455. Nifae na mvua nikufae na jua.
456. Nimekula asali udogoni, utamu ungali gegoni.
457. Nimekupaka wanja, wewe wanipaka pilipili.
458. Nimerejesha kikombe na kisahani chake.
459. Njia ya muongo fupi.
460. Njia ya mwongo ni fupi.
461. Njia ya siku zote haina alama.
462. Nta Si asali; nalikuwa nazo Si uchunga.
463. Nyani haoni kundule, huliona la mwenziwe.
464. Nyani haoni kundule.
465. Nyimbo mbaya haibembelezewi mtoto.
466. Nyimbo ya kufunzwa haikeshi ngoma.
467. Nyongeza huenda kwenye chungu.
468. Nyota njema huonekana asubuhi.
469. Nyumba usiyolala ndani huijui ila yake.
470. Nyumba ya udongo haihimili vishindo.
471. Nzi kufa juu ya kidonda Si haramu. (Jihadi ya nzi, kufa kidondani)
472. Ondoa dari uwezeke paa.
473. Pabaya pako Si pema pa mwenzako.
474. Padogo pako Si pakubwa pa mwenzako.
475. Painamapo ndipo painukapo.
476. Paka akiondoka, panya hutawala.
477. Paka hakubali kulala chali.
478. Paka hashibi kwa wali, matilabaye ni panya.
479. Paka wa nyumba haingwa.
480. Panapo wengi hapaharibiki neno.
481. Papo kwa papo kamba hukata jiwe.
482. Pele hupewa msi kucha.
483. Pema usijapo pema; ukipema Si pema tena.
484. Penye kuku wengi usimwage mtama.
485. Penye mafundi, hapakosi wanafunzi.
486. Penye mbaya wako, hapakosi mwema wako/na mwema wako hakosi.
487. Penye miti hakuna wajenzi.
488. Penye nia pana njia.
489. Penye urembo ndipo penye urimbo.
490. Penye wazee haliharibiki neno.
491. Penye wengi pana mengi.
492. Penye wengi pana Mungu.
493. Pilipili usoila, wewe inakuwashia nini?
494. Pole pole ndio mwendo.
495. Pwagu hupata pwaguzi.
496. Radhi ni bora kuliko mali .
497. Radhi za wazee, ni fimbo.
498. Sahani iliyofunikwa, kilichomo kimesitirika.
499. Sahau ni dawa ya Waja.
500. Samaki mmoja akioza, huoza wote.
501. Samaki mpinde angali mbichi.
502. Shida haina hodi.
503. Shida huzaa maarifa.
504. Shika! Shika! na mwenyewe uwe nyuma.
505. Shimo Ia ulimi mkono haufutiki.
506. Shoka lisilo mpini halichanji kuni.
507. Si kila king’aacho ni dhahabu.
508. Si kila mwenye makucha huwa simba.
509. Si Mungu mtupu na mkono wa mtu.
510. Sikio halilali na njaa.
511. Sikio halipwani kichwa. (Sikio halipiti kichwa).
512. Sikio Ia kufa halisikii dawa.
513. Siri ya mtungi aijuaye ni kata.
514. Sitaacha kula mkate kwa kuogopa kiungulia.
515. Siku njema huonekana asubuhi.
516. Siku utakayokwenda uchi, ndiyo siku utakayokutana na mkweo.
517. Siku ya kufa nyani, miti yote huteleza.
518. Siku za mwizi, arubaini.
519. Simba mwenda kimya (pole) ndiye mla nyama.
520. Simbiko haisimbuki ila kwa msukosuko.
521. Sio shehe bali ni shehena.
522. Siri ya maiti aijuaye muosha.
523. Sitafuga ndwele na waganga tele.
524. Sitapiki nyongo harudi haramba.
525. Subira ni ufunguo Wa faraja.
526. Sumu mpe paka, mbuzi utamdhulumu.
527. Sumu ya neno ni neno.
528. Tabia ni ngozi ya mwili.
529. Tamaa mbele, mauti nyuma.
530. Taratibu ndio mwendo.
531. Tawi kavu kuanguka si ajabu.
532. Teke Ia kuku halimuumizi mwanawe
533. Tonga si tuwi
534. Tunda jema halikawii mtini.
535. Ucheshi wa mtoto ni anga Ia nyumba.
536. Ujuzi hauzeeki.
537. Uchungu wa mwana, aujue mzazi.
538. Udongo uwahi ungali maji (Udongo upate uli maji)
539. Udugu wa nazi hukutania chunguni (Udugu wa nazi hukutana pakachani)
540. Uji hajauonja, tayari ushamuunguza
541. Ukenda kwa wenye chongo, fumba lako jicho.
542. Ukimpa shubiri huchukua pima.
543. Ukimuiga tembo kunya, utapasuka mkundu.
544. Ukimwamsha alolala utalala weye.
545. Ukinyofoa mnofu, ukumbuke kuguguna mfupa.
546. Ukiona kwako kunaungua kwa mwenzako kunateketea.
547. Ukiona moshi, chini kuna moto.
548. Ukiona neno, usiposema neno, hutapatikana na neno.
549. Ukiona vinaelea, vimeundwa.
550. Ukiona zinduna, na ambari iko nyuma.
551. Ukistahi mke ndugu, huzai nae.
552. Ukitaja nyoka, shika fimbo mkononi.
553. Ukitaka kula nguruwe, chagua aliye nona.
554. Ukitaka salama ya dunia, zuia ulimi wako.
555. Ukiujua wa mbele, nina ujua wa nyuma.
556. Ukupigao ndio ukufunzao.
557. Ukuukuu wa kamba Si upya wa ukambaa.
558. Ulimi hauna mfupa.
559. Ulimi unauma kuliko meno.
560. Ulipendalo hupati, hupata ujaaliwalo.
561. Ulivyoligema, utalinywa.
562. Umeadimika kama la jogoo.
563. Umegeuka mung’unye waharibika ukubwani.
564. Umejigeuza pweza, unajipalia makaa?
565. Umekuwa bata akili kwa watoto?
566. Umekuwa nguva, huhimili kishindo?
567. Umeruka mkojo unakanyaga mavi.
568. Umoja ni nguvu na utengano ni udhaifu.
569. Unajenga kwa mwenzio na kwako kunaporomoka!!
570. Unakuja juu kama moto wa kifuu.
571. Unamlaumu mwewe, kipanga yuwesha kuku.
572. Ungalijua alacho nyuki, usingalionja asali.
573. Ushikwapo shikamana (Ukibebwa usijiachie).
574. Usiache kunanua kwa kutega.
575. Usiache mbachao kwa msala upitao.
576. Usiache tawi kabla ya kushika tawi.
577. Usiandikie mate na wino ungalipo
578. Usicheze na simba, ukamtia mkono kinywani.
579. Usijifanye kuku mweupe.
580. Usikaange mbuyu ukawaachia wenye meno
581. Usile na kipofu ukamgusa rnkono.
582. Usimgombe mkwezi, nazi imeliwa na mwezi.
583. Usiniache njia panda.
584. Usinikumbushe kilio matangani.
585. Usinipake mafuta kwa nyuma ya chupa.
586. Usinivishe kilemba cha ukoka.
587. Usione simba kapigwa na mvua.
588. Usipoziba ufa utajenga ukuta.
589. Usisafirie nyota ya mwenzio.
590. Usisahau ubaharia kwa sababu ya unahodha.
591. Usishindane na Kari; Kari ni mja wa Mungu.
592. Usitukane wagema na ulevi ungalipo.
593. Usitukane wakunga na uzazi ‘ungalipo.
594. Utakosa mtoto na maji ya moto.
595. Usiyavuke maji usiyoweza kuyaoga.
596. Utaula na chua kwa uvivu wa kuchagua.
597. Vita havina macho.
598. Vita si lele mama.
599. Vita vya panzi, neema ya kunguru
600. Waarabu wa pemba, hujuana kwa vilemba
601. Wache waseme.
602. Wafadhilaka wapundaka.
603. Wagombanao ndio wapatanao.
604. Watu wanahisabu nazi, wewe unahisabu makoroma.
605. Wapiganapo tembo wawili ziumiazo ni nyasi.
606. Watetea ndizi, mgomba si wao.
607. Wazuri haweshi.
608. Wema hauozi..
609. wengi wape.
610. Zinguo la mtukufu, ni ufito.

He who listens to an elder’s advice does not come to grief.
One volunteer is better than ten forced men.
A bad brother is better than no brother.
To stumble is not too fall down but to fall forward.
When two elephants fight the grass is trampled.
He who mounts two horses splits in two.
He who wants something from under the bed must stoop for it.
He who has a full meal does not know the hungry person.
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