SunCulture products and prices in Kenya - solar water pump price in Kenya - rainmaker 2 affordable to small farmers

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Below is a list of  SunCulture products and prices in Kenya including solar water pump, rainmaker 2  and which are affordable to small farmers 

1. Climate Smart Battery with RainMaker 2 System 

  • Deposit Ksh. 9,999 
  • Cash: Ksh.109,000
  • 30 months warranty

2. ClimateSmart Direct with RainMaker 2 System

  • Deposit Ksh. 5,999
  • Pay in 24 months
  • Cash: Ksh. 64,999
  • 30 months warranty
  • Free delivery
  • Free installation

3. ClimateSmart Battery with RainMaker 2 & Direct Drip

  • Deposit Ksh. 10,999
  • Pay in 36 months
  • Cash: Ksh. 128,999
  • 30 months warranty
  • Free delivery
  • Free installation


Experience the Power of the Sun

Vision: To build a world where people take control of their environment in rewarding and sustainable ways.

Mission: To develop and commercialize life-changing technologies that solve the biggest daily challenges of the world's 570m smallholder farming households.

Are solar water pumps affordable to small farmers in Kenya? 

Solar water pumps (SWPs), developed in the 1980s, have proven to provide 20 years or more of reliable service. They are ideal for off-grid irrigation and livestock water supply. Today in Kenya, the installed cost of an SWP starts at approximately ksh 35,000 ( US $350) , and may be higher depending on the lift (Total Dynamic Head) and daily water volume needed. 

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