STEPS TO PAYMENT USING e-kasneb ON YOUR PHONE : Kasneb Mpesa paybill

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Step 1- Registration

  1. Search for e-kasneb on the Google play store and instal on your phone.

  2. To sign-up, select not a member? Sign up.

    A prompt with a pop up message “Are you a student with an existing registration number” NO YES (Click NO or YES as appropriate).

  3. Await for activation code via sms/email.

  4. Log in using the email address and password created.

Note: (i) Await receipt of page1image6432wallet pin via text on sms or email before

proceeding to step 2. (This takes a few seconds). (ii) If page1image7744wallet pin is not received call 0709920000.

Step 2- Choose service required and confirm amount payable

  1. On the e-kasneb app select service required on the icon – Example select examination.

  2. Follow instructions to generate the invoice.

Step 3- To load e-wallet

  1. Go to mpesa menu and select lipa na mpesa.

  2. (a) Use paybill no 832222.

    (b) Account No. your mobile telephone number.

  3. Enter amount.

  4. Enter your mpesa pin number.

Step 4- To complete transaction

  1. Go back to e-kasneb app. (mobile or web)

  2. Pay now-:

    (a) Enter your mobile number. (b) Enter your e-wallet pin.
    (c) Pay as appropriate.

  3. Continue with instruction provided including selection of examination centre.

  4. Download timetable from the resource menu 


kasneb Mpesa paybill number

Methods of payment of fees and MPESA paybill number are as follows

Payment through MPESA


You can pay conveniently using Lipa na Mpesa:


1.Go to Mpesa menu

2.Then Lipa na Mpesa

3.Buy Goods and Services

4.Enter Till no. 551684

5.Enter amount and Pin


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