Short Stories : The Wife And The Side Chick (Part 2) Fashion - 2018

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They were supposed to go for the retreat on a weekend so Andrew had to miss going home, which made it two weeks in a rolls - he couldn't go the previous weekend because he was over loaded with work he had to finish.

So that Friday evening before packing for the retreat, he called Magdalene. They had already spoken about the retreat so she was aware but she was not happy that she wont get to see her husband.

"As for next weekend, even if they are going to the moon I will miss it and come home I promise" Andrew jokingly said over the phone, trying to cheer his wife up. They had a lengthy talk of all the 'i miss you's', a gew gossips and also with Magdalene telling him what to pack and what not to pack for the retreat.

"Be a good boy and keep your eyes away from the bikini girls" Mag said before ending the call.
"Yes ma! You know I've always been a good boy. But I will be extra good", Andrew replied.
"I know you have always been a good boy so I trust you". Take care and love you" Mag said.
"Love you even more. Kisses", Andrew replied, followed with a million kisses and they both giggled before going off the phone.

After packing, Andrew set off to go met the rest of the team at their meeting point and they hit the road.

Everyone was happy about this retreat as they hardly get to work with happiness but for Dede, it was not just that. She was looking forward to using this retreat to get Andrew's attention and probably something more.

When they got to their lodge, the team decided to sit and have some few drinks and chat for awhile before they retire to bed so Dede set off attention plan number one.

She showed up for the sitting in a simple but hot look in shorts, so tight, it took the shape of her thick ass and her hips and her smooth beautiful legs were unnoticeable. She matched it up with a sleeveless top with no bra on and one could notice her boobs standing so firm in it . With a little touch up of makeup and her weave neatly laid down, she sure looked gorgeous enough to steal the night. Everyone complimented her gorgeousness and the pervs couldn't stop lurking.

Andrew was already there when she came to the table and he was looking cute in a tan top and shorts, showing off his muscled arms and hairy fit legs, and Dede was turned on. She wished she could drag him into a room and get down with him.

Lucky for her, one of the seats next to Andrew was empty so she quickly made her way there to sit. "You are looking splendid Dede", Andrew said whiles helping her with the chair like a gentleman. "Oh thank you Andrew! And you are looking super handsome as well", she replied, sweetly smiling at him.
"You are too kind. Thanks", Andrew also replied smiling.

So as the team enjoyed the night with drinks, funny conversations and laughter, Dede will intentionally rub her leg on Andrew's every now and then to feel the warmth of his skin but because they were sitting close, Andrew thought it was bound to happen so he paid no attention to it. Some hours later, they all dispersed to their rooms.

As she laid down to sleep, Dede couldnt stop taking her mind to Andrew's look at the sitting and the feel of his skin on hers. She kept thinking of it till she fell asleep.

The next day was another fun filled day as some decided to swim in the pool and some went boat riding. And since everywhere Andrew is, Dede was sure to be, she stayed at the pool side with the others as Andrew was there too. Though she didnt swim, she was pool ready in a bikini, with a sheer mini dress worn over it but her curves was not hard to see. She just stayed in the lazy chair by the pool, chating with the others, enjoying some drinks, taking pictures, all whiles keeping her eyes on Andrew.

Andrew was in his swim shorts and shirtless as expected. And as his built broad chest, packed abs, muscled arms and toned hot legs and thighs were on display, it drove Dede insane. She couldn't help her dirty thoughts as she kept looking at his tempting body as it dripps of water eveytime he comes out of the pool. She was wanting to touch it and rub her hands all over him so bad. She just kept devouring him in her thoughts. Now, she was more than ever determined to have him a feel of him.

Hours later, the fun was over so they all went to their rooms to rest for awhile before dinner. Then Dede came up with a strategy to go to Andrew's room.

Andrew was the only one among the team who got a room alone. The rest had a room with double beds so they were sharing but he got a room with a single bed. So some hours later when they went to their rooms after the fun, Dede headed there with an excuse to get an iPhone charger - which she already had.

"Knock knock!! Andrew are you in there" she asked when she got to his gate.
"Yes! who is it? he asked.
"Its me Dede", she responded.
"Ohh Dede just a second"
So when Andrew came to the doors, she asked if she could borrow his iphone charger, claiming hers had suddenly stopped working.

"Oh sorry. Leme get it for you. Lucky enough, my battery is full so I don't need it for now", Andrew said and returned back in to go get the charger and Dede quickly followed him in as he did not invite her in as she thought. When she got in, she realised a movie had been paused on his laptop, on the bed side table.
Oh you watch movies too, thought you were those 'busy and have time for nothing' kind of people" she said jokingly. "No ma'am I get time for a little fun too. He replied as they both laughter.

So do you have series too she said, as she made her way to sit on the chair beside the table on which the laptop was. " Yes I have a few" Andrew replied. So she intentionally asked him for some few porpular ones and they started conversing on them.

After awhile Andrew gave her the charger. "Here you go", he said handing over the charger to her. "Thanks Andrew, but first, I want you to do something for me" she said, and before he could ask what, she walked closer to him and stripped the dress she was wearing open. And she stood there, butt naked, and her hourglass body was more visible than it looks in attires.

Her boobs were as firm as always and her nipples were as hard an erected penis, pointing right into his face. Her tummy was flat as though she has not eaten in days and her hips were curved out and wide, as her thighs and legs stood there thick and smooth.

Her hair was held up in a ponytail so her face was clear to see and her cute little eyes like she was half sleeping were starring at him and her pink lips looked as cute as always. And as the light from the laptop fell on her skin and face, you could see and almost feel it's smoothness, as she stood there looking pretty as hell.

Andrew was shook. He just stood there in awe, starring at the magnificent creature before him for some seconds and then he gulped down a little saliva before saying under his voice but in a bit harsh tone, "What are you doing Dede? Come on put on your dress". Whiles turning his eyes away from her and reaching for her dress from the floor, but Dede quickly pushed him onto the bed, layed on top of him and he could feel her hard nipples on his chest though the sleeveless top he was wearing.

"Come on Andrew you are not a kid, you know I've been wanting you for long. Why, are you rejecting me like this, why am I not beautiful enough for you to like me?" She asked very softly and seductively whiles looking into his eyes.

"Nnnno! I mean yeyesss! Like I mean, I am not saying you are not beautiful but I am a married man and I love my wife. I cannot do this please stop it", he stammered the words out.. But before he could utter another word, Dede grabbed his head with force, tightly placed her lips on his, and started kissing him deeply.

He tried pulling away at first and then he succumbed to it for about a minute. But he came back to his sense and quickly pulled his lips from hers and pushed her off him with force. But not before Dede could feel his hard dick on her thigh.
To be continued....

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