Uvodo - Self-Hosted Headless Ecommerce Engine Documentation And Source Code Self-Hosted Headless Ecommerce Engine

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Uvodo is a headless, self-hosted eCommerce platform with ONE-TIME FEE. It is fully-customizable shopping cart solution.

Like Shopify store, with one-time fee

Uvodo is an open-source Headless eCommerce Platform for small and medium brands, and everyone who wants to sell online.

Have full control over your online store
Take complete control over your eCommerce business by owning source code, data, and economics.
One-time payment
Uvodo is a lifetime investment, one-time fee with no recurring payments. Pay once and never pay again to own your shop.
100% customizable
You have complete control over the customization of your storefront and everything else the way you want as an owner of the source code.
Mobile first design
Manage your store right at your fingertips and provide a seamless shopping experience to your customers with PWA ready storefront.
Always free updates
Uvodo is so committed to giving you the tools that are always current that it sends you free updates foa lifetime without paying for anything.
Self-hosted data
You own your data and gain complete control over your business, data and profits, and how your store look and operates.
Smooth installation
Enjoy a hassle-free experience of the breeze installation process knowing your system is running at peak performance


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