Secondary school teacher salary and allowances 2019 - Teachers salary scale (20k - 50k)

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The salary of secondary school teachers in Kenya is better now than it was a few years ago. According to Circular No 15-2018 implementation of CBA phase 11, the salary range of chief principals is from 102,807- 148,360 Shillings. Senior principals and deputy principal I earn between 87,900 and 109,249 shillings. The average salary of a deputy principal II is 68,428 shillings. Deputy Principals III and senior masters take home between 59,286 and 77,840 shillings. The following are salary scales for other secondary school teachers:

Secondary teacher I: 29,285- 47,896 shillings

Secondary teacher II: 21,719- 42,642 shillings

Secondary teacher III: 25,929- 31,956 shillings


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Some of the teacher allowances include:

  1. House allowance
  2. Hardship allowance
  3. Commuter allowance
  4. Annual leave allowance
  5. Disability guide allowance
  6. Special school allowance 
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