Second and Final Revision for Degree and Diploma Courses for 2017/2018 Placement

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The Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service wishes to announce that the online application system opens for the Second and Final Revision on Thursday June 9, 2018 at 0000hrs and will close on Saturday June 18, 2018 at midnight.

This application is open for all those 2017 K.C.S.E. Candidates who, on competitive selection, have not been placed for any of their Degree or Diploma course choices after the First Revision. The Index Numbers of these Candidates are listed Here for Degree applicants and Here for Diploma applicants. Those candidates whose index numbers do not appear in the website have already been successfully placed in one of their choices and will be informed at the end of June after the selection process is completed.

The Degree and Diploma Programmes with unfilled capacities are listed HereCandidates who had paid revision fees during School Application and during First Revision will NOT be required to pay for the Second Revision.

In addition, previous years K.C.S.E. examination candidates who had attained C- and above and did not qualify for government sponsorship in the respective year may also apply for Diploma programmes following the procedure outlined in the Placement Service Portal.

The relevant guiding information such as Degree and Diploma programmes available per University and College, subject clusters, similar programmes, previous cut-off points (where applicable), weighted cluster calculation by performance index as well as the procedure for application may also be accessed as downloads from the same website.

More information may be obtained from the Placement Service website, emailing or calling the Customer Care lines 0723 954 927 or 0734 879 662.

Please note the dates for the second revision carefully.



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