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savanis bookshop price list ( Pdf ) , email ( ) , 

Below is part of Online savanis bookshop price list (Back to School Stationery)

    1. Exercise books 200 pages Kartasi Brand A4 Single at KES 85
    2. Pelikan Mathematical Set (Geometric set) at KES 150
    3. Photocopy Paper A4 AONE at KES 480
    4. Snopake Zippa bag EPPE A5 Assorted 15814 at KES 150
    5. Racer Ball Pens Promotional Pack of 10 at KES 90
    6. Exercise books 96 pages Kartasi Plain Manila Cover at KES 25
    7. Brown Ready made covers A5 Pack of 5 at KES 60
    8. Exercise Book Covers TP A5 Pack of 5 at KES 75
    9. Brown Ready made covers A4 Pack of 5 at KES 80
    10. Pelikan Soft gel pen Blue at KES 55
    11. BIC Cristal Ballpoint Pens Medium Point Assorted (1.0 mm) - Red, Blue, Black at KES 45
    12. Pelikan HB Pencil with Eraser 6pcs at KES 104

 location( Nairobi town cbd kenya)   phone number (+254-020-2222405)


Savani's book centre Ltd. Established over 45 years ago, not only have we become the leading educational resources provider in East Africa, but our vast experience has also resulted in our network of shops offering more convenient locations for our customers. In Nairobi alone we boast a network of six outlets, three of which are located in the Central Business District, two in the Westland's area and one inside the UNITED STATES INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY (U.S.I.U) library

Savani's believes in providing our customers with the highest level of service and information, and once you become part of the Savani's family you will benefit from such services as:

        • One 2 One Sales - a member of our sales team is always on hand to assist, advice our clients on the most up to date information on a book, author, or topic of interest
        • Special ordering - we provide our clients with exclusive books released by major publishers whom we represent such as PEARSON EDUCATION, MCGRAWHILL, CENGAGE PUBLISHING, OXFORD PUBLISHING, Harper Collins, Random house, Penguin amongst many others. As we have online access to numerous educational resources from all over the world, Savani's is able to bring you the educational material that may not be readily available in the Kenyan market.
        • Face book - we have now created a Face book page for our online clients, who then benefit from joining our group by getting the latest releases at Savani's as well as sharing reviews on past books they have read. (To access please just type Savani's book centre)
        • Website - we are now developing the website so that we make your shopping experience a lot easier. We understand that our clients are busy in their everyday lives whether it is with work or any other reason. We will shortly launch our online shopping cart that will allow clients to order books online and pay via m-pesa, cheque or by simply making a transaction to our bank account.

We all know books play a very important role in our lives such as teaching, informing, educating, inspiring and entertaining, we at Savani's have the best selection of books country wide from kindergarten to University level or from your office to relaxing at home. We specialize in getting any book from anywhere in the world as long as it is in print, Savani's have it all.

Become a book worm today... Savani's Book Centre, the only bookshop you will ever need.
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