Savanis Bookshop Price List For Grade 5 PP1, PP2, Grade 1,. Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4

Savanis Bookshop Price List Text Books For Grade 5

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KS2 Discover & Learn:Vikings StudyKsh.850.00
KS2 Discover & Learn:Anglo-SaxonsKsh.850.00
Vikings Activity Book, Year 5 & 6Ksh.850.00
Anglo-Saxons Activity Book, Year 5 & 6Ksh.850.00
Discover & Learn: Geography - Living Planet Study BookKsh.795.00
iscover & Learn: Geography - Living Planet Activity BookKsh.795.00
EAEP Agriculture Super Minds Grade 5Ksh.410.00
Longhorn Agriculture Grade 5Ksh.490.00
Mentor Agriculture Grade 5Ksh.452.00
Tops Extension Workbook Grade 5 AgricultureKsh.406.00
MTP Agriculture Grade 5 TextbookKsh.450.00
KLB Visionary Agriculture Grade 5Ksh.376.00
Mastering Computers Book 5Ksh.500.00
Mentor HomeScience Grade 5Ksh.475.00
Tops Extension Workbook Grade 5 HomeScienceKsh.406.00
MTP HomeScience Grade 5 TextbookKsh.487.00
Longhorn Mathematics Grade 5Ksh.490.00
Tops Extension Workbook Grade 5 MathematicsKsh.406.00
Mentor Mathematics Grade 5Ksh.499.00
JKF Primary Mathematics Grade 5 TextbookKsh.370.00
Oxford Lets do Mathematics Grade 5 TextbookKsh.481.00
Spotlight Mathematics Grade 5 TextbookKsh.460.00
Abacus Year 5 Textbook 3Ksh.875.00
Abacus Year 5 Textbook 2Ksh.875.00
Abacus Year 5 Textbook 1Ksh.875.00
Mentor Mathematics Learner's Grade 5Ksh.499.00
KLB Visionary Mathematics Learner's Grade 5Ksh.460.00
Longhorn French Methode de Francais Grade 5Ksh.490.00
Expo 1 Pupil BookKsh.2,250.00
EAEP English Super Minds Grade 5Ksh.460.00
Oxford New Progressive Primary English Grade 5Ksh.480.00
KLB Visionary English Grade 5Ksh.400.00
Tops Extension Workbook Grade 5 EnglishKsh.406.00
Mentor English Grade 5Ksh.458.00
Moran Skills in English Grade 5 TextbookKsh.460.00
Spotlight English Grade 5 TextbookKsh.435.00
iPrimary English Anthology Year 5 Activity bookKsh.1,190.00
iPrimary English Anthology Year 5 Non fictionKsh.1,950.00
iPrimary English Anthology Year 5 fictionKsh.1,950.00
bjective English Question And Answers Book 1sh.574.00
Bookmark Art and Craft Grade 5Ksh.440.00
Mentor Art and Craft Grade 5Ksh.458.00
MTP Art and Craft Grade 5 TextbookKsh.452.00
Art Matters 11-14 Student BookKsh.1,760.00
KLB Visionary Art and Craft Grade 5Ksh.376.00
Tops Extension Workbook Grade 5 MusicKsh.406.00
Moran Beginning Music Grade 5 TextbookKsh.320.00
Spotlight Music Grade 5 TextbookKsh.377.00
Music Theory in Practice, Grade 1Ksh.825.00
Music Theory in Practice, Grade 2Ksh.995.00
KLB Visionary Music Grade 5 TextbookKsh.385.00
JKF Foundation Music Grade 5 TextbookKsh.255.00
KLB visionary Physical and Health Grade 5Ksh.466.00
Spotlight Physical and Health Education Grade 5 TextbookKsh.458.00
Kamusi ya Misemo na NahauKsh.960.00
Kamusi ya Tashbihi, Vitendawili, MilioKsh.770.00
EAEP Kiswahili Angaza Akili Pevu Grade 5Ksh.460.00
KLB Visionary Kiswahili Grade 5Ksh.380.00
Longhorn Kiswahili Grade 5 mwanga wa KiswahiliKsh.490.00
Mentor Kiswahili Kielekezi Grade 5Ksh.470.00
Longhorn Mwanga wa Kiswahili Grade 5Ksh.490.00
Moran Stadi za Kiswahili Grade 5Ksh.356.00
Oxford Kiswahili Dadisi Grade 5 TextbookKsh.447.00
Stadi Za Kiswahili Grade 5Ksh.535.00
tadi Za Uandishi Wa Inshash.609.00
amusi Ya Semish.815.00
EAEP Science and Technology Super Minds Grade 5Ksh.410.00
Tops Extension Workbook Grade 5 Science and TechnologyKsh.406.00
Oxford Science and Technology Grade 5 TextbookKsh.447.00
Spotlight Science and Technology Grade 5 TextbookKsh.447.00
KLB Visionary Science and Technology Grade 5 TextbookKsh.473.00
Heinemann Explore Science Workbook 5Ksh.350.00
Heinemann Explore Science Student's 5Ksh.1,950.00
Mentor Science Grade 5Ksh.499.00
Oxford Everyday Science and Technology Learner Grade 5Ksh.447.00
EAEP Social Studies Super Minds Grade 5Ksh.410.00
omprehensive Primary School Atlasningsh.985.00
Tops Extension Workbook Grade 5 Social StudiesKsh.406.00
Mentor Social Studies Grade 5Ksh.475.00
Moran Social Studies Grade 5 TextbookKsh.460.00
Oxford Social Studies Our Lives Today Grade 5Ksh.481.00
Spotlight Social Studies Grade 5 TextbookKsh.460.00
Moran Primary School Atlas Updated editionKsh.630.00
EAEP CRE Super Minds Grade 5Ksh.410.00
KLB Visionary CRE Grade 5 TextbookKsh.430.00
Longhorn CRE Grade 5Ksh.490.00
Tops Extension Workbook Grade 5 CREKsh.406.00
Oxford Growing in Christ CRE Grade 5 TextbookKsh.336.00
KLB Visionary IRE Grade 5Ksh.475.00
Spotlight IRE Grade 5 Textbook

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Text Books For Grade 5 - GoBooks Delivery › index › by_age_groupImage    Product    Price    ActionAvailable    KS2 Discover & Learn:Vik...    Ksh.850.00; Discount Ksh...    #1 Successfully added to...KS2 Discover & Learn:Vik...    Ksh.850.00; Discount Ksh...    Available    KS2 Discover & Learn:An...    Ksh.850.00; Discount Ksh...    #2 Successfully added to...View 177 more rows

Grade 5 | Text Book Centre › text-books › standard-5Results 1 - 40 of 123 — Grade 5 · Mentor Mathematics Learner's Grade 5 (Approved) · KLB Visionary Art and Craft Grade 5 Learner's … · Kielekezi cha Kiswahili Pupils ...

Savani's Book Centre LTD - Facebook › ... › Businesses › EducationPlease Inbox For any clarifications. The Bookshop Of Your Choice.... For all Spotlight Class 5 Revision Books special discounts will be offered. Please Inbox ...You've visited this page 2 times. Last visit: 8/19/21

KLB Pricelist 2021 .pdf - Kenya Literature Bureau › images › klb › downloadsPDFGrade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4; and Grade 5 (Page 1-4). (b) A new listing of KLB Homefun Visionary Extra Activity Books for Grade 1, Grade 2 and.

kenya literature bureau - price list › images › klb › downloads › Pri...PDFHome Science Reference Books. 23. Technical Books (Level 1-4). 23. Table of Contents. English Readers (Primary). 24. Class 1-4. 24-25. Class 5-8.

approved list of school textbooks and other instructional ... › pdf › approvered-list-of-books-pri...PDFSchools are expected to select all their books from this Approved List and ... (B) SOCIAL ACTIVITIES. Code Class. Title/YOP. Author(s). Publisher. Price.


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