Sacco societies regulatory authority (sasra) departments and their functions

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Sacco societies regulatory authority (sasra) departments and their functions

SACCO Supervision Department
The SACCO Supervision department is responsible for the implementation of the Authority's primary mandate of licensing and regulation of SACCO Societies within established legal framework in order to ensure safety, soundness and intergrity of their operations. This will be attained through the following roles and functions:

Process of licenses for deposit taking SACCO Societies and monitoring and evaluating their performance.
Continuous review and improvement of policy, regulatory and supervisory framework.
Conduct on site and off site surveillance and enforcement of compliance with the regulatory requirements.
Investigate and enforcing cases of violation against regulatory requirements in line with the SACCO Societies Act 2008 and regulations.
Analysis of data and information on performance of SACCOs and disseminating the same to the different stakeholders.
The ICT Unit oversees the design, management and execution of the Authority’s Information and Communication Technology facilities and programmes in line with the strategic objectives of the organization.

The core functions include:

Overseeing the design, management and execution of the Authority’s Information and Communication Technology(ICT)facilities and programmes.
Managing facilities for internal and external electronic voice and email communications and information portals.
Ensuring that the Authority’s information assets are secured against losses and any cases of disaster that may occur.
Specify, implement, maintain and support the ICT infrastructure and its users.
Develop and maintain in-house computer systems and implement and integrate third-party systems.
Finance and Planning Department
The core functions include:

Financial reporting and management and preparation of statutory and management reports.
Corporate strategy development and monitoring & evaluation
Budget planning and management.
Coordinate the formulation, implementation and evaluation of the Corporate Strategy as well as ensuring alignment with Government policies, strategies and priorities.
Development of annual work plans aligned to corporate plans.
Leading annual performance contracting exercise for the authority.
The Procurement unit plans and directs the procurement of and storage of goods; procurement of services and disposal of assets to realize best value for money.

Legal Affairs Department
The broad functions of the legal affairs Department are:

Litigation and appeal handling.
Prosecution handling.
Legislation drafting.
Legal interpretation.
Board secretarial services.
Research and Policy
The Policy analysis, Research and Development Department’s overall objective is to assess, evaluate and assist establish new policies, systems and strategies with national, international and regional collaborators through research, surveys and studies.

Other major functions of the department are to;

Plan, coordinate and undertake research/surveys/studies for the Sacco Subsector.
Co-ordinate capacity development initiatives in the Sacco subsector.
Carry out Sacco industry data and policy analysis.
Implement the corporate plan.
Manage SASRA Library resources, data and Information Centre.
Prepare Annual Sacco Supervision Report.
Evaluate and advice on capacity/skills issues, including consumer education, in the Sacco industry
HR and Aministration
The core functions include:

Formulation and coordination of policies, procedures and plans relating to human resource management.
Development of a cost-effective administration system.
Corporate Communications
The core functions include:

Corporate social responsibility.
Promoting a strong SASRA brand.
Developing and undertaking public awareness campaigns and communication.
Internal Audit
The core functions include:

Ensuring appropriate risk management, effective internal controls and governance processes.
Conducting independent and objective internal audits.

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