Registration of Candidates for the 2018 KCPE and KCSE Examination

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Guidelines :

Any school that has less than 15 candidates should present the candidates to an examination center with more than 15 candidates or to the Sub County private examination center, Plead teachers are asked to note that there will be neither hosting of candidates nor payment of the difference in examination fees to make up for the minimum of 15 candidates.

Head teachers and Sub County Education Officers are required to log onto the KNEC website: for capturing of the registration details of the candidates and uploading of the photographs using the registration password for the respective examination center.

All candidates must be registered where they have been learning. Registration in two centres (double registration) will be treated as an examination malpractice.

Index number for 2018 KCPE and KCSE candidates

  • The Ministry of Education is in process of developing a new system or identifying candidates (unique identifier number) which will be given to the candidates upon completion of registration exercise. Meanwhile  Headteachers/Principals are expected to register as candidates using index numbers as has been the practice in the previous years

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