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Knec Query Management Information System

is used for online submission of queries by KNEC stakeholders and General public.

Examples of type of queries to be submitted include: Bio data queries, confirmation of results, payment queries etc

For more information click here to download the user manual(guide).

To launch a query, click here

The Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) has automated the process of submitting examination related queries by clients. The Query Management Information System (QMIS) is accessible online and therefore, clients do not need to visit KNEC offices physically to raise queries unless they are collecting documents generated after their queries have been resolved.


  2. 1.1.  How to access the QMIS System

Step 1: Double click on browser accessible in your device.
Step 2: Type the URL: on the browser’s and press enter.

1.2. How to register in the QMIS System

New users/ clients must register on to the QMIS system to acquire login credentials. (username and password will be sent to email address provided by client) that will be used to log into the system to lodge their queries.

Step 1: Click the button to generate registration form and key in the following details: Full Name, Mobile number, Postal Address, Title/ designation and your email address.


Step 2: Click the button in the registration form to submit keyed details.
Automatic feedback message will be generated to confirm successful registration and refer you to

access your login credentials in your email.

1.3. How to log in to the QMIS System
Step 1: Open your email as provided during registration to access login credentials (Username and password) from the KNEC email:

Step 2: Use the login credentials to log onto the QMIS system using the home page window in figure 2 above.


Step 3: Click Log in - button to open the QMIS home page window below.

Figure3: QMIS home page


On the homepage window, select the query type to be lodged. (See figure 4 below) 2.1. How to select the Query type to be lodged.

Step 1: Click (1) Query button generate the various query types within QMIS.

Click here


Step 2: Click the specific query type e.g. Direct recovery to open the window and launch the query.

Click here to submit query.
Step 3: Confirm edited or captured details and attached testimonials (documents) for submission

And click submit as shown above.

Step 4: Check feedback to confirm successful submission.

Figure 4: QMIS Query Types


Clients can monitor the progress of their submitted queries by login into the QMIS, clicking on the Status button on


After successful posting the client will receive a message from KNEC Indicating how much to pay, pay bill number and account number for the query, after documents are verified.

the home page and providing the query details e.g. Exam type, index number and exam year.


KNEC will notify clients to collect their documents through their emails and short Messaging Service (SMS).


Query types and the purpose(s).

Bio Data Amendment: for amendment of personal details that include: Name, Gender, Entry Code, Birth Certificate Number, Identity Card Number, Year of Birth and Citizenship.
Photo Amendment: for amendment and submission of correct photo(s).

Centre Amendment: for amending or updating centre name.
Results Query: for results related queries e.g. Appeal for Absentee (AB) or missing mark and reinstatement.
Direct Recovery: for recovery of missing or spoilt documents e.g. Result slip, Certificate and examination related Printouts.
Payment queries: For payment issues arising from none payment, underpayment and overpayment by KNEC contracted professionals.
Confirmation of Results: for confirmation of examination results. For more details, download “guidelines on verification and confirmation of examination results” document from the KNEC website:
Certification Letter: for Examination Results Certification Letters requests. For more details, download the document entitled “guidelines on examination results certification” from the KNEC website:
Equation of Certificates: for Equation of Foreign Certificates requests. For more details, download the document entitled “guidelines on equation of foreign certificates” from the KNEC website:
NB: Username and Password are confidential. Do not disclosed them to a third party.

You MUST key in your valid email address and valid mobile number to receive feedback.

knec certificate confirmation

results portal knec portal login knec

login http // login

knec paybill number

certificate replacement


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