Problems With Safe Exam Browser Exam.Net

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Problems with Safe Exam Browser

What are the most common problems facing students when using in high-security mode with SEB? What can can be the reason if SEB failed to completely lockdown the computer?

These are the most common mistakes / problems facing students regarding Safe Exam Browser and

The students tries to start / configure the SEB program itself instead of just type in the exam key on in a normal browser and let SEB start in the background. More info here: 

(On mac) The user gets an error message saying that SEB is not installed in the Application Folder. More info here: Prohibited Display Configuration
The active display configuration is not permitted. Please consult the log files for more information. SEB will now shut down...

SEB is locked with a red screen and asks for a quit password.

This happens if SEB was earlier forced to quit (due to for example a hard restart or battery running out of device). Please send an email to and ask for the SEB quit password. Please note that the password is only valid for exams that have been conducted on the platform. If the student used another platform/system when the computer was locked we will not be able to help you out.

A security or anti-virus software (eg 360 Security Guard) is blocking SEB from locking down the computer, causing a lock-down error:
Try to deactivate the anti-virus software or allow SEB as an exception. Here is some more information about this problem from the SEB page:
It may also help if the student creates a new, clean user account on the computer and install SEB for this user.

The student computer is not compatible with the latest SEB version. This may result in a white screen when starting SEB or the message below.
The student can then try to uninstall SEB and install an older SEB version (eg SEB 2.4.1) from the SEB download page:

The active display configuration is not permitted.

The new SEB version (3.2) only permits internal displays at this point. Try to uninstall SEB 3.2 and install the recommended SEB version (3.1) from the SEB installation page.

If there is other problems with SEB, the best option is probably to uninstall SEB and install it again.

You can find our recommended SEB version and test your installation on this page:

If you experience any other problems than the ones listed above - please let us know. We are also interested in step-by-step solutions if you had a problem and manage to solve it. Then we can give advise to other user facing the same problem.

As does not control or develop Safe Exam Browser (it is a completely separate system), our ability to solve problems on our end are limited. Please consider filing an error report on the SEB homepage.

If it is not possible in any way to make SEB run on your computer, your teacher may want to allow you conduct the exam in a normal browser. That is an exam setting when the teacher creates or edits the exam.

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