PRINCIPALS NATIONAL AND EXTRA COUNTY SCHOOLS Job Advert TSC 15 vacancies and closes on 19-5-2017

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1. Be a lead educator and administrator in the institution.
2. Manage and implement institutional curriculum.
3. Administer teaching functions in the institution including the evaluation of curriculum delivery.
4. Be responsible for implementation of education policy and professional practice and maintenance of the teaching standards at the institutional level.
5. Procure goods and services within the public procurement guidelines for institutional use.
6. Be the custodian of records of the institution.
7. Be Secretary to the Board of Management (BoM) and ensure execution of the decision of the Board.
8. Ensure diligent utilization of institutional resources. 
9. Be responsible for the resource mobilization, project planning, administration and management of human resource.
10. Ensure maintenance of high standards of discipline by both staff and students.

11. Ensure compliance to the statutory requirements and other relevant laws related to employment.
12. Be responsible for the establishment and maintenance of a safe and conducive environment for learners.
13. Be conversant with relevant provisions in the Constitution and other laws and regulations that relate to Education, training and Teacher Professionalism. 

1. Be a Kenyan Citizen.
2. An employee of Teachers Service Commission.
3. Must be at Job Group ‘P’ and above and has served continuously as a Principal in a County or Sub-County Secondary Schools(s) for a period not less than 10 years.
4. Be in possession of a Masters Degree in a relevant area.
5. Proven track record of improvement in school performance and learning outcomes.
6. Must satisfy the requirement of Chapter Six (6) of the Constitution.
7. Be Computer Literate.
i. A Course in Management or Leadership will be an added advantage.
ii. Candidates should also attach the following documents to the application:

a. Certificate of Good Conduct.
b. Clearance Certificate by Higher Education Loans Board.
c. Clearance Application from EACC.
d. Clearance Certificate from a Credit Reference Bureau.
e. KRA Tax Compliance certificate.

Designation Vacancies Closing Date Action
1/2017  Principals JG-P> (And_above)  15  19-5-2017  Apply

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