Primary teachers score sheet 2018 - Learners with high scores head start in TSC employment

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University graduates ( Teachers )

University graduates who got first class honours will have a higher score during the ongoing recruitment of 7,000 secondary school teachers.

And teachers who graduated in 2013 or earlier will also have an upper hand during the hiring process, which has kicked off.

Teachers Service Commission (TSC) rules sent to interview panels show that first class or master's degree holders will be awarded 35 points during the recruitment exercise.

Upper second class degree holders will score 30 points and those with a pass will get a maximum of 20.

Diploma students with a distinction will score up to 30 points, and those with a credit will get a maximum of 25.

Candidates with distinctions will score a maximum of 20 points.

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The Score sheet details

The details contained in the TSC selection score sheet grant trained teachers who graduated before 2013 higher scores.

All teachers who graduated in 2013 or before will score a maximum of 60 points during the interviews.

And those who graduated in 2014 will get a maximum of 52 points; those who finished in 2015 will get 44 points.

Overall, the Government is recruiting 8,672 new teachers to support public primary and secondary schools. Of these, 1,000 will be sent to primary schools.

This brings to 96,149 the new teacher deficit, up from the current gap of 104,821. Currently there are 312,306 teachers on the TSC payroll.

Chief Executive Officer Nancy Macharia said the additional teachers would support the full transition of learners from primary to secondary schools.

As interviews begin, TSC wants the number of years trained teachers have stayed out of employment to attract marks.

Teachers who have stayed out since 2013 or before will be awarded a maximum of 60 points.


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