PRE-PaID ElEctRIcIty comES to KEnya

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KPLC now gives you the power to control your electricity consumption with pre- paid power. With a pre-paid meter, paper bills, disconnections and the hassles of reconnections are things you’ll never have to deal with. You can now buy a credit slip from any authorised vendor or through your mobile phone.


HoW can I GEt a PRE-PaID PoWER mEtER?

At the moment KPLC has preselected the project sites to be converted from the traditional meter to prepayment e.g. Imara Daima, Nyayo Highrise just to mention a few. KPLC will meet the cost of prepayment meter installation for the project phase.

IS PRE-PaID cHEaPER tHan WHat I Pay noW?

No the charges will be the same – refer to the tari schedule. The only di erence is that with prepayment, you will be paying in advance.

WIll my ElEctRIcIty BE SHUt oFF WHEn tHE cREDIt RUnS oUt?

Yes, your electricity will be shut o (disconnected) when your credit runs out. However, the meter will give a warning when the credit falls below 20Kwhrs. When faced with this situation it is advisable to top up your credit so as to avoid disconnection.

HoW Do I oBtaIn a cREDIt?

You may obtain credit from existing KPLC pay points e.g. Electricity House and Stima Plaza, plus other 3rd party vendors such as Uchumi, Zain and Safaricom (M-Pesa) so as to improve purchase convenience to the customer.

IF I HaVE an oVERDUE BIll, WIll my ElEctRIcIty BE SHUt oFF WHEn tHE tEcHnIcIan comES to InStall tHE nEW mEtER?

No, your electricity will not be shut o ; however, you should endeavour to clear the debt prior to conversion, otherwise the bill will be transferred to the prepayment system. If the transfer occurs, on subsequent purchase of electricity, a portion of your payment will be deducted and used to reduce the arrears.

oncE tHE nEW mEtER IS InStallED, WIll tHE KPlc tEcHnIcIanS StIll comE to REaD my mEtER?

No, meter reading is not necessary in prepayment metering system. However, our KPLC technicians will be visiting customer premises from time to time to carryout inspections as required by law.


KPLC technician will come in a team and bear a company identi cation card. He will also have a prepayment meter, which will be used to replace the existing credit meter.

WIll tHE mEtER aFFEct my GEySER/Hot WatER?

No, the meter will not a ect your geyser/hot water.

WHat HaPPEnS to my cURREnt ElEctRIcIty DEPoSIt?

Your current electricity deposit will be refunded if you have no debt.

HoW mUcH PoWER can I BUy?

You can buy as much power as you wish. 

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