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 Peponi Shool fees 2018

It is not surprising that Peponi School fees differ a lot from ordinary schools in Kenya. So, be prepared to pay a lot for British quality, high-class lecturers and academic performance. 


Financial Information & Declaration Form

School Fees & Charges in effect from September 2018

All fees & charges are quoted in Kenya Shillings

Entry Charges – once only payments. 

  • Application Fee  = 5,000.00 
  • Registration Fee  = 15,000.00 
  • Caution Deposit (refundable) – Kenyan Residents    = 350,000.00 

  • Caution Deposit (refundable) – Non-Kenyan Residents  = 450,000.00
    Pupil’s Pass (only for pupils whose parents are not Kenyan citizens and not resident in Kenya)  = 5,000.00 

Charges per Term (3 terms per year).

5,000.00 15,000.00 350,000.00 450,000.00 5,000.00

There shall only be one fee increase per annum. For Parents’ convenience, invoices are raised termly to ease cash flow pressure.

Extras - charged as is.

• Music – as arranged with the Music Teacher.
• Any examination fee associated with activities. Examination charges are usually invoiced at the end of

the preceding term.
• Any coaching from those outside the School

Financial Information & DeclarationForm



Any Day Pupil (or Weekly Boarder at weekends) wishing to stay overnight at the School will be charged 5,000.00 per night. This amount will not be charged if the student has been asked, by the School, to stay overnight because of a School activity.

Conditions Regarding the Payment of School Fees & Charges

Parents and guardians are requested to read carefully the conditions set out below in regard to the payment of school fees and charges.

  1. The School shall charge fees as per the fee structure issued at the beginning of every year and/or at the date of first admission. The School shall increase the fees annually and notices duly issued to the parents.

  2. Anadvancepayment(‘theCautionDeposit’)shallbepaiduponreceiptofawrittenofferofaplacefrom the School in order to secure that place. Any deposit paid shall not be refundable in the event that the pupil does not take up the place offered for whatever reason. If the same shall not be paid, the School shall not guarantee to hold a place open. The deposit shall be charged according to the residential status of the pupil/parent (Kenyan Residents and Non-Kenyan Residents are charged differently as advised in the fee structure above). This caution deposit is refunded without interest when the pupil leaves the School at the end of his/her school career. The School shall be entitled to deduct all or part of the deposit to set off any payment then owing by the pupil to the School or to settle any monies which are properly determined by the School as to be due and payable. The School shall be at liberty to review the deposit payable from time to time.

  3. Paymentmaybemadebychequeorbanktransferinanyreasonablecurrency(NOTincash,please)and is always receipted. The payee is ‘School Operators Limited’ who are the proprietors of the School. Our account number at Kenya Commercial Bank, Moi Avenue Branch, Nairobi is 1107112427. Swift Code: KCB (KENX) 017. The exchange rate used is that at the time of receipt. A copy of the bank transfer slip must be posted separately or emailed to the Bursar (, as there is no guarantee that the bank will inform us of your transaction.

  4. Any costs incurred by the School in pursuing recovery of any outstanding fees shall be borne by the parent or guardian.

  5. The School requires the Fees to be paid on or before the FIRST DAY of each term. Fees not paid within 14 days of that, will incur an automatic 3% per month cumulative surcharge.

  6. TheSchoolreservestherighttoreturnapupilhomeshouldthefeesnotbepaidbythe14thday.

  7. Remissionofschoolfeesisnotmadeincaseswheretheschoolreturnsthepupilhomebecauseofillness, infections, discipline or absence through any other cause.

  8. Notice of intention to remove a pupil from the School must be in writing to the Headmaster and sent to reach him, at the latest, before the opening of the term at the end of which your child is to leave; otherwise, a full term’s fees will be charged.

  9. This notice clause is binding from the time the pupil joins in Year 9 (or later), up to the time he or she leaves at the end of the Upper VI year.

  10. Noticeofachangeofyourchild’sresidentialstatusattheschoolshouldbemadeinwritingtotheHead- master, and sent to reach him at the latest before the opening of the term preceding that for which a change is requested. Otherwise, the higher rate will be charged.

  11. Parentswhowithdrawtheirchild/childrenatanytimeforleave,orforanyotherreasonduringtheterm are liable for the full term’s fees.

  12. TheHeadmasterreservestherighttorequiretheimmediatewithdrawalofanypupil.

  13. The Parties hereby agree that the Courts of Kenya and the applicable Kenya Law shall have jurisdiction to settle any dispute arising from this Agreement.

  14. It is hereby agreed that the above terms and conditions shall be deemed to constitute a valid contract between the parent and the School and shall be enforceable in a Court of Law in the event of default.

  15. Allenquiries(concerningfeesandcharges)shouldbeaddressedtotheHeadmaster. 



Peponi School scholarships

Peponi High School fees structure is a bit high, there is also a possibility to apply for a scholarship. There are different kinds of them in various educational fields:

  • Academic Scholarships and Exhibitions
  • All-Rounder Scholarships and Exhibitions
  • Art Scholarships and Exhibitions
  • Drama Scholarships and Exhibitions
  • Music Scholarships and Exhibitions
  • Sports Scholarships and Exhibitions

Peponi School contacts

To contact the Peponi School administration, you can either

visit the Peponi School website, Contact us section and fill in the form. You will get the answer on the registered e-mail address as soon as possible.

You are also free to call them (254) 020 354 6456.

Cell phone numbers (254) 0733 615 139; (254) 0722 287 248.

Peponi School e-mail - 

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