Party Lists Are Final Unless Subject of Complaints before the Commission Dispute Resolution Committee or Political Parties Dispute Tribunal

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Pursuant to the provisions of Article 90 of the Constitution, all Political parties submitted their party lists to the Commission on 24th June 2017 for the allocation of special seats on the basis of proportional representation for the August 8th 2017 General Election.

Subsequently, guided by the provisions of Section 36 of the Elections Act, the Commission reviewed the lists for compliance and parties were thereafter required to amend their lists in compliance with the applicable laws and guidelines. The final party lists were received by 19th July2017, published in the dailies on 23rd July 2017 and uploaded on the Commission Website.

All aggrieved persons filed disputes before the Commission Dispute Resolution Committee and the Political Parties Dispute Resolution Tribunal with disputes heard and determined between 21st July to 28th July 2017. Political Parties seized with orders from the Committee and the Tribunal in respect of various lists have since re-submitted lists amended subject to the orders issued.

For avoidance of doubt the Commission notifies the public that the final party lists to be used for the allocation of special seats to the National and County Assemblies stand as published on 23rd July 2017 except for changes effected by the parties pursuant to orders from the Commission Dispute Resolution Committee or the Political Parties Dispute Tribunal. No other changes can be effected on the lists.

Allocation of seats shall be as per the formula provided under Regulation 56 (2) of the Election (General) Regulations (2012), which shall be the number of seats won by a political party divided by the total number of seats multiplied by available seats for allocation in the respective House.


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